Human rights activist accused the election commission of violating the law

The October election commission Mogilev violating legislation on record keeping for complaints from a group of Alexander Lukashenko.

A complaint sent to the Central and Regional Election Commission Mogilev human rights activist Boris Buhel. As he says, it's not number the petitions were put in the log does not record the number of signatures on them, and do not issue certificates of signatures handed.

According to human rights, the commission explained to him that they were acting in accordance with the recommendations of the CEC.

Boris Buhel

"If the same situation will be with the registration of the subscription lists of opposition candidates, they are in the case of controversial issues are deprived of the evidence, that the letters of a certain number of signatures seemed to the commission. When I verbally to the regional Election Commission drew the attention such a fact, that there is surprised, but to answer the question violated the law, they could not. Because I wrote a complaint. "

The human rights activist believes that such violations are committed in the other district committees.

The regional Election Commission Boris Buhel registered observer.



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