I ate a coin Sigismund Augustus


There is a rumor that a child's parents drugged you to eat metal from ancient coins. Tell me, please, what coins you need to eat to become a writer?

Kohl Blackie

Go toAli you were born in Polotsk, your childhood is simply impossible to imagine without the treasure hunts and long underground tunnels. A true literary critic once wrote that just those dungeons and led me to the history department.

But there was a more specific reason.

Best shukalnitsay treasure then was our Dvina. Salute to the expiration of the century I was getting after each flood. It so happens my little numismatic collection. Her table decoration of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania coin with a portrait of the owner of Sigismund Augustus obverse and a "chase" in reverse. It is clear that these scientists said, I still did not know how to have heard nothing in what was then the fifth grade and about the Principality so our ancient coat of arms. But Sigismund section I liked his proud clarity, and even more impressed by the warlike equestrian knight.

Every Saturday I had cherished moments, displaying his collection at his mother's sewing machine foot, where they do their homework. Usually coins form a circle of protection which at me and looked stern and bearded Grand Duke Sigismund.

Imagine a horror and despair, when one day a favorite coin disappeared without a trace …

Strait stream of bitter tears, I finally learned that the word "vain" in this case was not entirely accurate. Because — without knowing it — I'm a coin … ate.

Now we have to do a little lyrical medical deviation.

Not to say that I was a notorious and atorvastatin, but to model the boy I was too far away. I eagerly climbed on another's gardens. Even more sinful — wrote the names of his liability on the walls so rusty domes of the Cathedral of the Epiphany, while standing in dishonor. But at the same time — as soon as I grymnutstsa land is not something that vysachyni from somewhere, and with the usual apple or cherry — always wrung his hands and walked with plaster. When we played in the Indians, I had continued nickname — Brother Kostjan hand. And since managed to break the predominantly right hand — with joy did not write the control and dictation, getting estimates for a quarter based only on verbal responses.

And even more bone is clearly contributed eaten together with the coin "Pursuit".

Dad did not share my positive emotions. With characteristic severity of his post prosecutor he once promised that soon I will vylekue. At first it seemed that the drugs will be traditional — it wide right belt. But I was wrong. Instead belt dad began to treat me before going to bed some tasteless powder.

So quick to week, and on Saturday and was on her mother's terrible discovery machine.

As it became known, a famous doctor of Polotsk clarified dad that my son had brittle bones as a young body does not have enough copper. Dad looked at my collection and picked up files. He could make me drugs copper cents Russian Peter I, however, chose bilenavuyu coin of the Grand Duchy, where copper was significantly lower. Selection was impeccable: the more I myself did not break anything. I think that, in addition to elements of the periodic table, and helped me to Sigismund August — is not only capable politician, but the winner of the jousting and talented lover. And even more bone is clearly contributed eaten together with the coin "Pursuit". In any case, history, and maybe even history itself came into my flesh and blood, predoznachavshey and admission to the History Faculty of the Belarusian State University, and the whole future destiny.

What we have in the end? To become a Belarusian writer, you need to eat a coin with Sigismund Augustus and the "chase". If desired, you will discover this picture on the cover of my book, "Hannibal's elephants."

But there is a small caveat: the coin must be found after a flood on the banks of the Dvina near St. Sophia Cathedral.

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