I hope that this year will be a different president

Mrs."Lukashenko will be a very long time to run the country. The fact that there is an alternative, but he did not give a reason his powers. "

Mrs."For a long time he is in power, it seems to me that as long as he does not get bored. I can not imagine someone else. Not to say that I'm a fan of Lukashenko, but, unfortunately, there is no really strong candidate. "

Mr."I believe that the more the and better."

Mrs."I think he will be in power as long as Nick reaches 18 or even 36"!

Mrs."And I really hope that this year will be a different president in our country."

Mr."I think that Lukashenka will rule the country for a long time. First, there is no real substitute, and secondly, he meets a major part of the society. "

Mrs."Yes, a long time will be more. It's hard to tell when he tired of power. "

Mr."I am convinced that Lukashenko has said that to win the upcoming election. We only accept the fact that, regardless of how the vote. I see a lot of alternative candidates. But, unfortunately, they show little of his work, and so far only promises to feed the people. "

Mrs."I think that Lukashenka will still be president. At least until his health will allow, as long and will hold on to power. "

Mr."One more presidential term, he will be in power, but we'll see."

Mrs."I do not know, but it seems to me that a very long time."

Mr."I do not want to be timid, but, unfortunately, he may govern all life."

Mrs."If I am not mistaken, somewhere heard that Lukashenko said that will run the country even as many as 15 years."


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