I smear, smear on the canvas, and something goes

October 14 at the State Museum of History of the Belarusian literature, an exhibition of Ales Shaternik "Sontsapramen. Painting. Sculpture. Impression." It is timed to the 70th anniversary of the author.

Sculptor and painter, works which are in the museums of Belarus, the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, at the White House (Washington, zip), art museum, "Zimmer" (New Jersey, USA) and in private collections in Italy, Poland, France, is not focused on the present that date, and just made an artistic feast for friends.

The exhibition, located in the gallery of the second floor of the museum, the author called "Sontsapramen." She's really bright. On the walls of the interior of Minsk temples, images chapel from Belarus, countryside of the house of the artist in Vayshkunah, north-west of Belarus. As well as sketches of the many tourist travel website. And in the middle is located a few sculptures Ales Shaternik. Thoughtful Kirill of Turov, resolute Prince Vytautas, sad kamedyyant Dunin Marcinkiewicz, inspired by artist Alexei Marochkin and other historical and contemporary figures in bronze and stone. Speaking at the opening ceremony, the chairman of the association "The Chase" Alex Marochkin said the style that works Ales Shaternik it neaimpresiyanizm. And he explained why he defines the style. one day, they say, the artist asked, "How do you work so efficiently?." To which he replied: "I pee in the paint and brush smear, smear on the canvas, and so on, and something comes out." About that something what was presented in the exhibition, with great approval by the attendance of the public. Among the speakers — Mikola Kupava artist, writer Christina Lyalko, Anatoly Vertinskiy poet, literary critic Arsène Fox, Michael Basalyga schedule and other talking about, that they were very impressed with creativity Olesya Shaternik.

Exhibition dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Ales Shaternik unfortunately does not include most of the exposition, maybe famous of his works. This bas-relief, which the artist has done for the house where BPR was proclaimed, and housed the Institute of Belarusian culture. As well as the Liberty Bell, which sounded in the spring 2006 share-dealing disagreement with the results presidential election.

The first hero of the day congratulates Alexei Marochkin

Mikola Kupava treated "ancient" beer

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