IEEE invited participant Zvorykinsky project in Las Vegas

Member Zvorykinsky project Semenishchev Eugene — author of the project "Methods of treatment of one-dimensional and multi-dimensional digital signals" to participate in the 1st International Conference on the software applications of digital signal processing, which will be held January 12-14 in Las Vegas, USA.
Application Eugene participated in an independent examination of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers — IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), the results of which she was recommended to participate in the conference. Total 157 projects selected for demonstration during the event. The conference organizers have identified Eugene Semyanishchava space in the international exhibition to showcase its development and communication with interested professionals, and the ability to make a report.
1st International Conference on the software applications of digital signal processing will take place within the largest international exhibition of consumer electronics — Consumer Electronic Show (CES) and is intended for practicing engineers. Its visitors will learn from key manufacturers and scientists of modern technologies and future directions for the application of digital signal processing, including:
• 3D technology for gaming and telepresence;
• Recognition of sign language for the user interface;
• Digital Photography;
• Wireless 4th generation;
• Robotics;
• Multimedia tablet computers;
• Speech interfaces and inner tubes;
• Search by voice;
• Signal Processing in multiprocessors;
A decisive role in the process of creating a well-functioning Russian innovation system plays Zvorykinsky project ( The purpose of the program — to enable young members of the intellectual elite of the country to realize their creative and scientific potential, to achieve material success through the commercialization of ideas and implementation of development as well as to gain public recognition.
Project program provides a broad set of tools for the development of innovation and bringing them to commercial realization. This is a variety of educational programs, internships abroad, legal support, to attract potential investors, and more. Zvorykinsky project includes several key events: change "Innovation and Technical Creativity" at Lake Seliger, Zvorykin Prize and National Youth Innovation Convention.

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