If such an election all power from top to bottom illegitimate


Our listener called on "Freedom" after, as read in the "People's Will" interview of a retired lieutenant colonel, who witnessed fraud in the last elections.

"Indignation knew no bounds, after I read an interview with Nikolai Kozlov, lieutenant colonel in the reserve, journalist Maria Eysmont in the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya". The first evidence that a preliminary vote is for the global rigged elections at all levels. The conclusion is simple — all power from top to bottom is illegitimate. "

This call says politician Vintsuk Vyachorka:

"The facts of evidence of wrongdoing very much. There videapatsverzhanni. For example, during the so-called local elections were made such images in Mozyr District Commission. In Minsk, the Green Luga, where I ran. We got a clear confirmation that what he didvivo Recording manipulation of remote voting.

And Sergei Kalyakin I got accurate information from one of the members of the committee, as we get to the absolute numbers of votes. And so it is, and we have written. This was recorded and international observers.

Here the problem is not in the formal appeal (he, of course, you do), but the problem of the so-called internal legitimacy. Until such time as the people in the mass, will assume that everything is going to measure honestly, as long there will be a so-called internal legitimacy.

The main thing that the majority of society is not only recognized, but also convinced of the veracity of the evidence of wrongdoing.

Secondly, you need to follow Colonel Kozlov tens, hundreds and thousands of people, first forcibly mobilized in the commission began a campaign of public confessions. "

Our listener from Bobruisk, who identified herself as Valentina, expressed his outrage:

"I am outraged response to the district election commission Pershamaiski Bobruisk. I wanted to know the phone numbers of staffs of opposition candidates for president. They told me that they knew the number and can only help a candidate Lukashenko.

On the phone numbers of other candidates they know nothing about. Today, at a rally near the shop "Iceberg" some people threatened pickers signatures for Romanchuk that call the police, some warned that it can kill. Here are our choices. Only a boycott of the elections! Either would be a shame for the opposition. "

Bell says politician Anatoly Lebedko:

"The situation is brutal, but not hopeless. I will say that at Bobruisk our initiative group has gathered more than 10,000 signatures. This is in spite of the truth that the woman says, that made green light for only one candidate — Alexander Lukashenko.

But just need to listen to Radio Liberty, we must read the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" — and you know where there is an alternative, how to find it, and what you need to do to support it. "

On "Freedom" called villager Kavgary Karusevich Alexander, the father mother of many children.

"My daughter is a mother of many children in Asipovichy given an apartment, but did not report it just curves wall. Much has been commissions, which confirmed that it is impossible to live in these walls, it has four times appealed to Lukashenka's administration, but from there playing football back in Asipovičy through Mogilev. And as they can mock it.

As Lukashenka goes to the polls, said three weeks ago on television that he will personally address these issues. If you, Alexander G., have shame and conscience, then come to Asipovičy and decide the issue. How many of you can make fun of my daughter! . "

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