In addition to our president, do not know anyone, even in the face

Or identified its presidential candidate voters two months before election day? This issue passers-by on the streets of Minsk interested correspondent of Liberty.

Reporter "Exactly two months left before the presidential election. Did you identify with the choice?"

Woman: "No. For me, not enough information. Perhaps that is not the time, perhaps after will be more information when the election campaign begins. Indeed, except for our president, I did not even know in the face."

Girl: "Yes, I made my choice. I will vote the old fashioned way — for Alexander G.. I think he's done a lot for our Belarus in his post, and I do not want to change the president, because I do not know who will fall and there will be a Our Belarus in general. "

Man: "I'm undecided, but will benefit from my definitions?'ll Vote for the other, because something needs to change. Should not it be that all the time is the same. "

Woman: "I will vote for Lukashenko, whom else? Those do not know, I have not seen them even once anywhere, neither in print or on television. What their program who they — how do I know who to vote them out? so the choice we have one. "

Boys: "I do not know what to say … For Alexander G. will vote — for stability."

Man: "Do not be determined, but not the one that is."

"Yesterday I watched a computer, their opinions were — something there. I would like something else, so it seems, what could be better. "

Girl: "I will vote for the current president, as to imagine anyone else in this post is simply impossible."

"No candidate other than the current one., And I read" People's Will "and" Nasha Niva ", but I have not read anything there is to know exactly with whom they will work, who will help them. That was five years so — then and now rehash. "

Woman: "Define. Representative for the BNF — the Belarusian Popular Front."

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