In Chelyabinsk, bromine leaked

Chelyabinsk authorities claim that the risk to humans because of the spread of bromine no clouds, but the population in a panic. At local sites users write that cloud has covered Kopeysk, and in the village of Potanin, for which now overtaken the car, completely silenced cellular communication.

Today it was reported that in the car, where there was a loss of bromine at the railway station in Chelyabinsk, in 2063 was glass jars with five liters of the substance. Of them allegedly smashed cans 10.08, the press center of the main emergency department Russia's Chelyabinsk region.

Despite assurances from the authorities that the incident at the station does not threaten the citizens, the directors of some schools in the Leninsky district canceled the line, on the Day of Knowledge. And for example, in the village of Smolinsky, as the correspondent witnesses, head of the school building and stopped the ceremony to release the children to their homes.

Eyewitnesses have posted online video of the event:

"What Kopeysk? Cloud flies to Kopeysk! On Bazhov already breathe" — wrote in the discussion of this article, Natalia.

"The first victims are already coming to our hospital. Recall their doctors leave," — said Medic.

"Rather not have time to come to GKB10" — says a resident.

"The people, the situation is really bad. Thick gauze bandage soaked with a solution of baking soda. A change often. In severe poisoning — oxygen and inhalation of 0.2% sodium tiosulfitom" — advises Oleg.

"I have a friend at the railway works. Said that yesterday there was a fire at the station wagon. This is how to understand, they have since yesterday foresaw the danger?" — Asks Musia.

"At nine o'clock, collecting child in one class, watching the news. Maria Ayupova broadcast, but said not a word, it is dangerous to go out, that line was canceled. Why information is not it? After all this time, the authorities already knew what happened," — Outraged Tatiana

"My father worked in the MOE. Just spoke with him on the phone. He said that the car is in p.Zheleznodorozhny station Chelyabinsk-South, all the forces and Chelyabinsk Kopeyskoye MOE strapped there, MES leadership is there. Our little factory is also located there — all dispersed to their homes, the production was stopped. All the roads are blocked, the police will not allow even the home. Ambulance unable to cope with the challenges. MOE conducts some there "deposition", but how long it will last — no one knows "- report Spoiler.

"The Administration g.Kopeyska held an emergency meeting of heads of services. According to a source, the real mass" bromine "is 41 tons, the road towards South paragraph blocked, to the village the following machines with" soda "to deactivate" bromine "," — says Alex.

"In Kopeisk breathe" — says 74.

"And what a wise guy in the MOE there emphasizes that elemental bromine" not dangerous toxic by direct contact "? Chemistry poorly taught in school? Skin instantly formed chemical burns, after brief inhalation — pulmonary edema! Mucous, nervous system, etc., "- says Sergey.

"At the moment is more than 8 survivors. Many friends of physicians, they said. Different state — there is moderate, and severe. Rumor has it that there are deaths among firefighters," — said ZIG.

"People: who understands the chemistry? Explain blonde, why if spilled chlorine bromine stinks? The morning in the apartment smell like the water in the taps instead of chlorine. Lives near the bridge to Lenin — right across from the accident site," — asks Germaniona.

"From myself: it's official. Actually, I live in the Leninsky district each. Says impossible to breathe, suffocating odor. Evacuate children from kindergarten," ruler "in schools canceled. Officially, — all put out, all in order, there is no fear for panic, but the most interesting: in the village of Potanin, for which the car is overtaken completely silenced cellular communication ", — writes Chelyabinets.

Our reference

Simple substance bromine under normal conditions — heavy liquid red-brown color with a strong odor. Poisonous. After contact with skin causes painful and does not heal burns.

Bromine is widely distributed in nature and it is found in scattered almost everywhere. Bromine is in the atmosphere. The chemical production of bromine-based substances are widely used in organic synthesis. Bromide solution used in oil production. From World War bromine is used for production of chemical warfare agents.

In medicine, sodium bromide and potassium bromide are known as sedatives. Bromine is concentrated in the endocrine glands, and its deficiency in humans leads to the disruption of the normal relationship between the processes of excitation and inhibition.

When the concentration of bromine in the air at a concentration of about 0.001% (by volume), there is irritation, dizziness, and at higher concentrations — spasms of the respiratory tract, suffocation. When ingested, the toxic dose is 3 grams, lethal — 35 gr.

If poisoning bromine vapor victim should immediately to fresh air, to restore breathing can be for a short time to use the swab moistened with ammonia, for a short time, occasionally bringing it to the nose of the victim.

Bromine leak occurred early in the morning on September 1 at the station "Chelyabinsk-chief." Transport Police put positions before road bridge and railway stations. Citizens are encouraged to choose a detour, extraneous to the stations are not allowed. Cordon was lifted around 9 pm local time after, the car with a glass container in which there was bromine, drove out of town to a safe distance and the concentration of toxic substances has decreased. The causes and circumstances of the incident are established.

Larissa Hudikova

Bromine leak: residents do not believe that the accident eliminated

Eyewitness video Viktorevich Rodionova

Officially reported that rescuers eliminated bromine leak in one of the tank cars — accident happened this morning in Chelyabinsk. However, residents Kopeysk, which went toxic cloud, official data do not believe.

"Accident liquidated nerazbivshiesya capacity with bromine loaded on another platform," — "Interfax" a source in the rescue services in the region. According to him, the concentration of bromine in the air in the Chelyabinsk not exceed allowable values. "Measurements are ongoing, but the limit values are not exceeded. Rescuers notify people about security measures," — said the representative of the Ministry for Emergencies.

Meanwhile, after a spill of bromine at the railway station in Chelyabinsk regional government recommended road services of water the streets with a special solution, and the regional Ministry of Health to monitor the presence of gauze bandages in pharmacies, the press service of the regional government.

Information about the incident was admitted to the emergency control center in the early morning of September 1 dispatcher on duty station "Chelyabinsk-chief" of the South Urals Railroad. According to him, one of the cars spread noxious fumes.

The car had been evacuated from the station of the city, it is a 2063 glass containers with bromine capacity of 5 liters, broken (presumably) 8-10 cans.

In the regional emergencies department said that the odor of bromine disappears by the end of the day. Kindergartens Leninsky district of Chelyabinsk pupils sent home. The smell of bromine felt in the neighboring city of Chelyabinsk Kopeysk. Officially reported that medical care at the emergency service of Chelyabinsk addressed about 100 people, eight were hospitalized with suspected food poisoning.

However, the locals do not trust the official information on the internet, they continue to talk about what is happening in Chelyabinsk and Kopeysk.

"As usual — all told that all is well. And the consequences? People who inhaled and breathe so far, that they How affect health?" — Asks the critic.

"I was driving by Starokamyshinska towards South. Near the cemetery are DPS, told to turn around and go back. Drove through the cemetery to the regional collection point. Contractors There are internal forces in masks, saying a strong chemical release, return back. Drove through the gardens to the drive — is one DPSnik. asked him what happened? Says: car exploded and now its on the South stew "- wrote noname 2 hours ago.

"I heard that the entrance to the village of South and exit closed. You can get to the village only on the passport. Dismisses Children from kindergarten to 8 pm will not" — said Doll.

"Going home in 12-13 hours (local time). Railway in town (where, by the way, is this same station" Chelyabinsk-South ") entry to the village closed. Machines do not miss. Worth wild smell of chlorine. Houses and Street could not breathe. From the w / e way was visible orange smoke. Where is it localized, and where concern for people? And the media screaming that all okay. (…) Throat fights, paroxysmal cough is haunted, "- writes Marina

"Residents Kopeysk and Chelyabinsk! Everybody has cell phones with cameras! Take photos of dead animals, photos of acrid smoke (orange), smog … people in bandages. Who Kopeisk possible — photos from home makes the station, where smoke this car, and immediately — photo area! Word — nothing, and documentary evidence in handy. Primarily for the truth is not hidden. while the second — to see them again before the election, and make the right conclusions for yourself! U I still have the video from the bridge of Lenin. Refer to your PDA, cough and remember all of our state agencies with a kind word, "- says Rustam Haysarov.

"I do not understand why the media silent? Would talk about the real situation for people to understand what's going on! And so it is not clear: whether to stay at home, or go as far as possible!" — Outraged Julia

"What do you like children, why the media, the authorities and so silent? Because it's not an explosion of munitions, which can not hide, do not launch a rocket, not a fire in Red Square. Wanted to hide everything that happened, but it did not. As there ? At 4:30 started leaking, and the MOE called only at 7 am? wanted to hide it all, so no one knew?'s all lies. My friend is working on "a piece of iron," and he said he was not at 4:30 am begun, and about 2 am. 5:00 self-help or to nothing, and they still decided to call-in the MOE. 5:00 For it (the car) could utaranit anywhere to stop poisoning people alive! And there is already possible was published, that the emergency measures taken and the public safe. So no — we are also afraid … We will try to fix ourselves first! (…) And when everything has already happened, so as not to lead people into a panic, the authorities have decided to calm these words, as "liquidated", "not dangerous", etc., "- says shuher 74.

Larissa Hudikova

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