In Chelyabinsk, the garage settled ghost

February 11, 2013 12:53

CHELYABINSK, An "Access". A resident of South Ural capital captured by a mobile phone camera strange phenomenon, which took over a ghost — what he saw, he shared with Internet users by posting video in one of the social networks, the agency news "Access."

In Chelyabinsk, the garage settled ghost

As explained by the author of the video, shot it happened in a garage in Chelyabinsk. "I was sitting in slesarke, when he felt a strong resentment for no apparent reason, the cat jumped, went icy chills, buzzing radio — in science is called white noise. I have this whole theme rides and began to shoot video — maybe lucky. Lucky "- he shared, stressing: only look strong — nervous is not recommended.

30 seconds clip author covers all the garage in search of "Barabashka" suiting the noise of things and tools. From time to time in the frame appears white mist, which at one point takes the shape of a man, but immediately dispelled.

Note, the video seen by more than 4 thousand people. However, in the supernatural after seeing they may not believe. "Installation. The second video lighten cropped and blurry. In the first video he is doing almost exactly revolves around an axis — conveniently apply video, no need to repeat the camera shake "- said one of the users. A number of the audience suggested that the strange effect — the usual glare, which creates on video game world.

Daria Nevzorov

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