In Colombia, the child lives, the devil?

According to a resident of Lorica (State of Colombia) Feria Ana Santos, her newborn child possessed by the devil. She claims that the boy allegedly learned to walk at the age of one month, and that he is also able to wring out the flames of hell. However, neighbors and social workers believe that the burns on the body of a baby — a consequence of ill-treatment.

According to Ana, her son behaves normally see in the movies of those in whom the evil spirit will dwell. More months of age he allegedly wanders around the house. Sometimes staring at adults and strange giggling and hiding in different places — for example, in closets, under the bed, and even in the washing machine or refrigerator. And from time to time from the mouth baby escapes "Inferno," which leaves marks on his body … Ana is convinced that these are typical signs that a baby "became the devil."

After neighbors Santos family learned about the "freak", they began to throw stones at the house of Santos. In the end, the mysterious child examined by representatives of social services, police and doctors. They did find spots on the palms of the boy in the form of small burns. However, officials believe that it was done by the child's parents, not evil spirits. If the investigation reveals that Santos mocked his little son, they face imprisonment.

Prosecution of their children in the classroom or in a magic possessed by the devil — not uncommon for residents of third countries. So, a few years ago in Angola 23 boys parents were thrown out for "witchcraft." Shortly before, in each of these families died suddenly someone from relatives. As people of Angola are very superstitious, they believe that the sudden death of a person can only be called evil eye or damage. It is believed that young boys often have the ability to bedevil those who willingly or unwillingly caused them offense. This is precisely the situation in the families of these children.

Here is another scary story. To known paranormal investigator Alexei Pryyma once asked a young man named Valery. He said the following. His wife a few years ago gave birth to a son. After giving birth, it was worth the mother breastfeed, as it sharply deteriorating health. It seemed that leaves it vitality. Go to the doctor — all useless. Mother continued to experience attacks of weakness in dealing with the child, and when he grew up, she sometimes starts to hurt the heart. But that's not all. Valery Pryyma showed photographs of her son. They are etched very strange things. One of the photos the boy's mother in the bath soap, and from his right armpit stuck some pipe, connected to the opposite end of the center of the parent palm. On the other — boy rested his foot in his mother's belly support. Children's leg from the ankle to the knee looked unnaturally thin, and your feet are not visible at all — it is somehow … went into the woman's abdomen.

Valery and his wife believed that their child is in fact being of extraterrestrial origin, which never have enough energy on Earth and so he found a source for feeding — mothers. Pryyma advised his companion to try to examine the boy from the various instruments. But he refused. What happened to these people then — unknown …

However, children with sociopathic tendencies do occur. Sometimes the parents of these kids are told that they are afraid that they cause them to feel some fear the beyond. For example, in a family of three kid broke everything that comes to hand, the observations of parents responding to the same phrase: "I still have all kill you." After a while the boy's father died under mysterious circumstances. The mother is convinced that this is the son was responsible for the death of her husband. Sometimes he looks into her eyes unblinking, causing chill of horror.

A woman named Valentina says its Igor since the age of four acted like a grown man: he had absolutely no children's eyes, and the actions he performed not for children. For example, could pinch the mother or her girlfriends at his chest or slap on the ass while rudely laughing, as did a cheeky young man. One day in the first grade teacher did Igorka comment, and soon landed in the intensive care unit with a diagnosis of obscure and temperature 40. According to Valentina, her son somehow punish the teacher.

Of course, it is possible to question the mental health of people who attribute their children "diabolical" properties. Nevertheless, in life there are a lot of strange and incomprehensible, and each case requires a special investigation.
Margarita Trinity

Category: Unexplained Phenomena

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