In Gomel, the second time attacked the opposition signature collectors

October 17 in Gomel on site at the new store hosted another attack on the pickets collecting signatures for opposition presidential candidates.

Activist Constantin Zhukovsky, collector of signatures for Vladimir Neklyaeva, said the young man on a good drunk cynically mocked the protesters — grabbed from the hands of passports, which put the signature of the opposition presidential candidates, posbivat foot plate with portraits Statkevich, Yaroslav Romanchuk, Andrei Sannikov. Charted the course of matches and threw it into the pickers signatures for Sannikov, turned the table on which was carried out collecting signatures for Neklyaeva. In this rough striker swore.

Zhukovsky said that there were close so-called folk vigilantes, but they did not meet the bully, and quickly went away:

"We had two people Yuri Zakharenko detain the attacker and give it to the policemen that came to our call.

It is not known the name of the bully. As claimed by the police, if it did not have the documents. Does the bully took office, whether in medvytsvyareznik.

Interestingly, in the early-to signature collectors approached three men who were trying to make a mess. Collectors of signatures by ushchuvannyav took them from the pickets. Of the three back soon only striker.

This is the second attack on collecting signatures at a department store. The first time such an incident occurred exactly a week ago — Sunday, October 10. The guards apparently attributed this to the common misconception, since no information from the police signature collectors have been reported

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