In Kalmykia, established a record heat

 Temperature record broken in Kalmykia, on Thursday here recorded plus 42 degrees, according to RIA Novosti the Kalmyk meteorologist.

"Today the thermometer readings in Kalmykia broke a temperature record, recorded 14 years ago. In 1998, this day was 41 degrees plus. Temperature these days by six to eight degrees above normal," — said the forecaster.

According to him, on Saturday in the heat of the region begins to subside.

"In connection with the passage of a cold atmospheric front air temperature in the republic will fall and 16 June 30-35 degrees," — said the source.

At the same time, as noted by the residents of Elista, household thermometers, which are installed on their windows, show more than 50 degrees.

MOE Kalmykia announced an emergency alert to extreme heat and extreme fire danger in the region on Thursday and Friday.

"In Kalmykia expected intense heat up to 42 degrees. Predicted emergencies associated with damage to and loss of agricultural land, fires, increase the number of accidents on the roads due to the deformation of asphalt pavement, emergency transport for transport of explosive substances, exacerbation of cardiovascular disease in the population , possible heat stroke "- The specialists MOE.

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