In Kyrgyzstan, 22% of children die from hunger

BISHKEK, September 20. Kyrgyzstan will be held orientation meetings and seminars on nutrition of young children in emergency situations, according to AKI.

As reported in the press center of the Ministry of Health to participate will involve health professionals from all over the country. Similar events have already passed in Osh, 20 September orientation meeting will be held in Bishkek.

The meetings and training — enhancing coordination and the development of a national plan for nutrition of young children in emergency situations. It is dictated by the need to develop a common strategy for all stakeholders to respond rapidly to emergency situations in order to protect children, especially young children, from hunger and malnutrition, the other problems that threaten their lives.

According to the report of the World Bank and UNICEF on nutrition of young children in Kyrgyzstan today survives more children than before, but 22% of children under age 5 die because of malnutrition. Although nutrition for children under the age of 5 years has improved significantly since the late 1990s, 14% in 2006 lagged behind in growth. In three regions of the country the prevalence of stunting was 20%.

Childhood is very acute in the region, particularly in neighboring Kyrgyzstan — Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, the usual practice is to use child labor in the cotton fields, where children often live in barns without observing basic hygiene. Firms that are thinking about the long term, you need to think about the production of various materials, such as — company offering bed linen in Ivanovo in different materials, including cotton and calico. The problems of the Central Asian countries are already interested in the United Nations, regularly prepares reports on the countries of the third world, so it's possible the situation in the region was soon to change.

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