In Moscow spreads parainfluenza



As already reported, "Utro" autumn flu came to the capital ahead of schedule. He was expected in November, but the first surge in the incidence was observed in the middle of September. The reason was two babih summer (instead of one) — or rather, a sharp cooling in between.

Now the epidemic threshold for morbidity in Moscow noticeably exceeded, said Nikolai Malyshev. However, as the microbiological tests, actually flu in the capital at the moment there is practically no — found only a few cases. So, last week's tests for influenza were collected from 26 of Muscovites who have been diagnosed,. As a result, the flu virus was detected in only three of them.

It turned out that the Russians decimated parainfluenza. Its main difference from this flu that is resistant to the ones not acquire immunity, which means it can pick up the same virus a few times in one winter.

In Moscow, now runs three types of parainfluenza. All of them, unlike the flu, have a long incubation period — after getting the flu if the temperature can go up on the same day or the next, the first symptoms of parainfluenza may appear only after a week. This means that the patient before laid up with a fever, is able to infect a large number of others. Basically, in a number of cases — children and adolescents aged 7 to 14 years.

Parainfluenza epidemic will be declared, if the epidemic threshold is exceeded by at least 20%, while it is kept at 16%. However, epidemiologists expect an influx of cases in January — connect it, oddly enough, with the warming. After all, the number of cases viral infections is lowest in freezing weather is dry, Nikolai Malyshev recalled.

The real epidemic is projected physicians to begin in February. Then to parainfluenza, is likely to join and this flu.

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