In New Zealand, on the bank of a whale found dead

On the beach in New Zealand's West Coast region of the South Island was found dead whale with a length of about 15 meters. Beast on Saturday, September 17, found a local resident Graham Postl, writes The Nelson Mail. The man said that he had noticed the whale when riding a bicycle near the shore.

Cyclist suggested that marine mammal died while in the water, after which it was washed ashore. According to the man, the whale died shortly before he was on dry land — Postl came to this conclusion because of the whale is not an unpleasant smell of decaying flesh.

Soon after the discovery of a whale on the beach Postl came another cyclist, John Hughes. He examined the animal and contacted the agency for the protection of natural heritage. As representatives of the environmental services that they sent their staff to the beach, so they took samples of animal tissues, and identified the type of whale.

Presumably, the fin whale found on the beach, the individuals of which can reach a length of 27 meters. These animals weigh between 40 and 70 tons. Fin whales belong to the suborder of baleen whales feed on krill (food filtered through baleen). These whales are found in all oceans, while in the cold months, they prefer to go to the sub-tropical latitudes.

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