In Novorossiysk on the bottom of the lake found ancient burial

Burial stones, Lake Neberdzhay Photo:

Burial stones, Lake Neberdzhay Photo:

It is reported by the newspaper "Novorossiysk worker."

The reader of the publication of Alexander Denisenko told the editor that at the bottom of the reservoir are strange constructions of stones.

Girl riding in the Lake on my ATV, when the bottom of the dirt notice posted in the form of lumps of white graves. Between them, according to Alexander, were and stone paths.

Head of the Department of Archaeology of the Novorossiysk Museum Alexander Shishlov determined that burial dates to about the 13th century. Buried in a stone box-coffins from the beginning of the Bronze Age to the Middle Ages. The very same village, apparently located somewhere above the present lake, in the mountains.

It turned out that almost all the bottom shoaled reservoir burial littered with stones.

— Here is about 30-40 mounds — continues Shishlov. — They are now on the brink of destruction. They are constantly eroding, some robbers dig graves.

At the bottom was found a fragment of a clay urn. It is likely that it holds the ashes of the burnt dead person.

To start excavation at the bottom of the reservoir Neberdzhaevskogo archaeological work should order water utility that supplies water from the lake residents Novorossiysk.

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