In Orel was got mad stork

PE at the main entrance to the station Orlovsky was at seven o'clock in the evening of Friday, September 2. The door blocked the main entrance breast stork. Bird darted at people and desperately outstretched wings, no one is allowed into the building. Onlookers crowded themselves trying to scare the stork, but he did not respond. I had to call in emergency situations. Stork said the people in the form and if it replaced — the bird immediately settled down.

— Our staff is easily wrapped him in a jacket, and people were able to go to the train station — told the "KP"Andrei Mironov, Press Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Oryol region.- In this adventure birds have not ended. First it tried to attach to the vet. They refused to shelter birds. Then the stork decided to take the city. He was released in the village Gat Oryol region. As they say, the witnesses, the nature of the bird calm and pretty walking around the meadow.

In the strange behavior of the stork is trying to understand the local ornithologists.

Anastasia Vardanyan

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