In Poltava dog bitten strange creature

December 23, 2012 1:50

In Poltava (Ukraine) dog bitten unknown creature.
Alexander P. reports that came out in the morning in the yard near the doghouse, he found a strange creature.
"In the beginning I thought that Jesse cat bitten again, this has happened before …." says Alexander — "But looking more closely, I realized it was something else that was let scientists decide. Wife wanted to throw it out, but I decided to keep and put up for public review. Heard barking at night, I wanted to get out, but the dog calmed down and I decided not to go. "
This finding has caused a sensation in the city. Alexander did not want to disclose his real name for fear of an influx enjoy being too many questions and so on …

At the moment, this "dog" is a biologist and after the autopsy, they will try to find out what it is.

Alexander: "How I live in the world, is already in '67, have not seen anything that even Chupacabra not believe. It or not I do not know. The village Zarichchya heard a rumor that something chickens perfume. Well here sometimes fox run into the village, although redko.A winter, at a time in the past year went to collect firewood in the forest and met a wolf. Look, dog, Jesse, that's the evil that bitten him that, under the sledge climbs, skulit.Pochuyala wolves by smell. And then I look, there were two, look, and then ran to his delam.Vsyakoe happen. "

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