In Romania, about 300 people are locked in cars due to snow


Heavy snow hit the north-eastern region of Romania, leaving about 300 people were locked in their cars on the roads in the county of (county) Botosani and Neamt, said on Monday the agency Mediafax.

Currently transport in the region is difficult, many routes are blocked. However, according to the prefect of Botosani, authorities and emergency services in the event of the need to be able to reach any settlement. Snowfall led to the temporary disruption to electricity. A number of schools were closed, the authorities have instructed students to stay home in bad weather.

According to the forecasts of meteorologists in the near future rainfall in the region persist, in some areas a chance of snow and rain and fog, wind power will reach 50-55 miles per hour. The Romanian authorities have warned that the situation on the roads may deteriorate.

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