In Samara, under asphalt truck failed ZIL

Pit 2.5 by 3 meters and about two feet deep formed in the yard Photo:

He went into a two-meter hole near house number 68 on the street Agibalova.
In Samara, here and there continues to fall asphalt. And well, if the hole in the road does not cater to any machine. Yesterday, for example, about six o'clock in the evening in the courtyard of the house number 68 on the street Agibalova underground "left" truck "ZIL". Car for an hour getting out of the tap hole measuring 2.5 meters by three meters and a depth of about two meters.

A gaping hole in the pavement is now the house number 68 on the street Agibalova Photo:

As noted in the blogger and-sokolov, house put in operation some 13 years ago, and the "rotten" communication that is the cause of emergency with other machines in the center of Samara, is hardly appropriate. The cellars of the house often waterlogged and between the foundation and asphalt are significant cracks.

Recall, this is not the first in the Samara recently. Aug. 22 at the intersection of Lenin Avenue and streets Chelyuskintsev "Hyundai" got into a huge pit filled with water. The driver was killed. Aug. 24 at the intersection of Ulyanovsk and Galaktionovskaya at KAMAZ "land away from under the wheels." The same day, at the intersection of Alexei Tolstoy and Pioneer asphalt fell through the "Kalina". And on Sunday afternoon Chevrolet Captiva unfolded in the courtyard house number 15 on the main avenue in the metro station Russian. And right next to the entrance from the foreign cars began to leave the asphalt. Well, that the pit was not very big, so the car has failed only one wheel. Yesterday morning, a "Daewoo Matiz" failed border and part of the asphalt.


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