In Sochi, coming off a giant landslide damaged homes

Serious problem — the lack of in Control Service landslide processes — is still not solved. Federal Office of bank and counter-work is now in the process of bankruptcy. But time does not stand still, and the events in selected areas sometimes develop exclusively by the laws of nature.

Most in these days things are on the streets of Baku and Voroshilovgrad. In April, the body is more active landslide. As demonstrated by geological survey, the dimensions reach a mile in height, depth — 6 meters, length — longer than 200. This effectively moves the whole slope. Under the threat of life — more than ten families living in the private sector in the lane of the Baku and tenants to Voroshilovgrad, which is federal property.

Many houses are already badly damaged. But to solve the problem only by Adler administration impossible. It introduced a state of emergency. This proposal will be considered by the relevant committee in the city administration. Information about this is sent to the Department of Civil Defense and Emergency Situations of the Krasnodar Territory. After the results of a specially organized a comprehensive inspection will decide — is it possible to stop the landslide of engineering works or have to move people out of the landslide area.


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