In the Altai are not revealed contamination in the area falling rocket stages

Roscosmos and Rospotrebnadzor Altai Republic in the monitoring of sanitary and epidemiological situation in the villages located in the area of flight spacecraft, showed no deterioration in the health of residents or contamination due to the fall launch vehicle, said chief medical officer of the region Leonid Shchuchyn.

Spent stage rocket during launch from Baikonur fall in the Altai Mountains. In the area are falling Ust-Kan, Shebalinsky, Ongudai, Chemalsky, Choyskiy, Turochakskyi Ulagansky and districts of the republic. Poslepadeniya in the Altai Mountains space truck "Progress" at the end of August last year, CPS has launched a perpetual monitoring zone, all the results of which indicate the absence of any contamination. Previously, agencies reported that at monitoring this year will send 7 million rubles.

"After the collapse of the" Progress "we already had several launches" Proton "," Union "," Zenith "… We have received a letter from the Russian Space Agency. They report that in soils, plants, surface water, snow cover have been identified components of rocket fuels. kerosene rocket was not detected in any sample of the environment. We explore, we have the same conclusions, "- said Shchuchyn.

He noted that in the so-called zone of falling stages to reach 306 villages and towns, and the monitoring of this area is carried out continuously.

"Immediately after the fall of" Progress "was shouting that infested the area, grew vegetables, fruits, but we explored all that grew in people and in the forest down to the soil and grass, and proven safety," — said the chief medical officer.

Carrier rocket "Soyuz-U" with space truck "Progress M-12M" launched on August 24 from the Baikonur "cosmodrome". During the flight of the launch vehicle in the area of the third stage at 325 seconds of the disruption was the propulsion system, which led to its emergency shutdown. Space debris truck, not burned in the dense layers of the atmosphere, fell into the territory of the Altai Mountains. Searchers found only one piece of aluminum from food container from the truck and burned a piece of cable. Further searches were unsuccessful and were suspended.

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