In the area of West Java found vysochennaya pyramid

January 18, 2012 17:29

In Indonesia, in the mountainous region of West Java has been found in Garut vysochennaya pyramid. Until now, it was considered a normal mountain. And local residents pitched on its slopes gardens. The fact that the "mountain" is very correct form, noticed only recently, German scientists reported

Spent surveying and measuring the resistance of the geological layers, the researchers found that the structure of the "mountain" is hardly a natural formation. Carbon analysis of the top, topsoil showed age in 6000 BC, and the bottom, the hard layer is dated to 7500 BC
Before testing, a series of excavations, which found some inscriptions on the stone pyramids, buried under layers of soil. Experts argue that the size of the pyramid more than the Great Pyramid of Giza.

— Its height is 200 meters, and it was built 10,000 years ago — says Professor Bonatts of Deutsche Orient-Gesellscaaft (German Oriental Society).
In February 2012 in Bali will ostrove international conference. It will discuss ways scientists accelerated excavation of a new "Great Pyramid".

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