In the arms of the Devil


When a woman sleeps alone, thinks of it the devil, "- says the ancient wisdom. In Russia single women become sexual prey of a fiery serpent, also called Lubac, red tape, Lyubostaem. With this strange creature linked to many legends.

It was believed that it flies in the dark over the roofs of houses and seeks out his next victim, usually a lonely woman, long and strong yearning for a missing or deceased husband. Flying into vending him a house through the chimney, Fiery serpents immediately turns into a handsome young man, and spends the night with his victim. Experts tend to assume that whoever had this creature, it still did not stop its hunt.

In practice, psychotherapists have accumulated a lot of episodes when the patient was told about the phenomenon to them in the night of their deceased husbands. And the "guests from the world" began to caress the most "protected" intimate, known only to the erogenous zones, bringing the abyss of pleasure, which is not always the case in life. Some women were so completely convinced that they still love life with departed in the "best of all possible worlds," marriage partners.

In the traditional sense of experts such manifestations can occur only as the "fruit of the sexual fantasies of hysterical personalities." Just what is strange — the majority of patients experiencing such contacts, as reported by the doctors do not suffer hysterical disorders. Among them were women with neurasthenia, some experts have led to prolonged depression, which arose as a reaction to the death of their husbands. And only.

But do not think that only people with nervous disorders or have recently gone through stress "doomed" to meet with their deceased loved ones.

Sexual wiles of the devil — a favorite subject of medieval theologians and inquisitors. Since the middle of XV century, thousands of women of all ages have been sentenced to death for the crime. Many of the defendants were tortured as long as confessed in his sinful act. The church fathers were confident that entered into a sexual relationship with the Prince of Darkness immediately became witches. In the historical records preserved evidence of some processes. For example, in 1485 for sexual relations with the devil Inquisitor Italian city of Como has sent 41 fire at the woman.

In 1628 a trial was held in Bonn, the three sisters of 12,11 and 8 years old. They said they had sexual intercourse with demons. Naturally, they were executed, but that was not the end. A year later, more than 300 children were sent to the stake on the same charge. By the way, the inquisitors were curious and tried to find out from the interrogation of the accused under the evenness of all sexual intercourse, the penis of the form of the devil, the sensation experienced by women of copulation, etc. And various descriptions have served in the eyes of the judges proof of new tricks the devil, who could diversify their temptations.

In any case, the well-known psychologist, psychotherapist luxury Eugene Tarasov, many years studying a mysterious phenomenon, I am sure that this is not the case. In his practice, there were cases where unexplained sexual abnormalities were practically the only factor that disrupts the normal life of women, and the reason that prompted them to turn to a specialist.

For example, most recently he was approached energetic, not prone to emotional disturbances in any person who successfully worked in the publishing business. She told an amazing story. At the beginning of September last year, friends persuaded her to get a couple of days out of the city to the village. Mushroom time began. The lady knew how to navigate in any unfamiliar woods and boldly delved into the thicket. In the search-and-hunting passion and she did not notice the beginning to get dark. He sat down on a stump to rest, she looked around to figure out what was left of the village. And suddenly, because the nearest bushes quietly appeared the figure of a man in a strange cloak, like a military cloak.

Appearance of a stranger woman is not scared. Rather pleased, will anyone ask for directions. But before she could utter a word, a man threw his hood, and appeared in front of her … old, once ardently loved one who perished in the mid-90s in the Caucasus.

Dame and then not scared, just startled. Its pour hot wave of joy and pain. She tried to speak, to ask something, but his throat spasm, it became difficult to breathe. It seemed like a favorite saying something, holding out her hand, but that — she did not understand.

Suddenly, out of his head, or rather from his eyes, broke the beam of unusual light violet rays. Then she felt the incredible sexual pleasure and for a moment, "passed out." And when I came to, I realized with surprise that no longer sits on the stump, and walking through the forest through the trees and twinkling lights of the village rare.

This patient, I'm sure Tarasov, was perfectly healthy and not suffering from neuroses. It seems that her life is simply a miracle happened — a meeting with the long-gone, once a loved one!

Experts believe that the meeting of people with loved ones who had gone to another world, most likely to occur in the dark or at dusk. And mostly when a person is in a particular state between sleep and wakefulness, which psychologists call "gipnoidnym." Plunging into it, you can revive the memories of long-past events that would normally not be able to reproduce. It is at such moments, experts say, parapsychologists, there is a possibility to establish contact with the astral world.

At this level, inhabited by many different entities and spirits, most of which do not always refer to a person friendly. For your own energy supply, they force the fairer sex to engage with them in an intimate relationship, because sexual energy — one of the most powerful.

This phenomenon is rooted in centuries. Some facts of sexual harassment of women not-| slave entities, for which I often saw as the devil, received wide acclaim. The victims themselves were told that some "unclean" achieved the desired, being in the image of a loved one or husband (often late). Thus, according to the researchers, the reason for these visits is strong, unmet need for a particular man, this energy is attracted by unknown entities and give them the necessary food.

By the way, sexual intercourse with astral "aggressors" can be explained up to now has not been fully explored with modern medical phenomenon of the so-called false pregnancy. Professionals are cases when women suddenly without an objective reason cease menstruation, begins to increase stomach, symptoms of toxicity, perverted appetite, swollen breasts — that is, all signs of pregnancy. Nine months later, in due time, everything ends with "birth pangs", but without the subsequent birth of the newborn. But maybe he was just nowhere to take if the "conception" comes not from man but from the astral spirit?

Moreover, few people are aware that a false pregnancy can (albeit rarely) occur even in men. For example, in the XVIII century is a unique phenomenon was observed in one of the Serbian kings.
If we talk about women, the false pregnancy suffered by Queen Mary Tudor, Josephine de Beauharnais — the wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, and finally, at the beginning of the XX century — Serbian Queen Draga. And among our contemporaries from this phenomenon suffered a famous supermodel Cindy Crawford, and Princess Caroline of Monaco.

Reactions to sexual assault astral beings in different women differ markedly. Some people do not hide that experience pleasure, and do not want to give it up. Other genuinely suffer and are struggling to get rid of the underworld rapist. To help the victims of the astral attack, parapsychologists and psychics use a method of programming dreams. To do this: before you go to bed, relax, focus on what you would like to see in a dream, and as clearly as possible to visualize these images. And after waking necessarily write the contents of night vision.

However, women who are plagued by astral beings often prefer to ask the intercession of God. Religious people may resort to prayers from evil spirits and demons. The Church also recommends the following methods of protection:
1) confession;
2) make the sign of the cross;
3) pray to the Virgin Mary;
4) change the place of residence;
5) seek the assistance of holy men;
Often helps to read the prayer "Our Father" and the sprinkling of holy water on themselves.

Bucheyar, psychic, occultist:
— Sex in a dream involving other entities is happening more often than before. Nature phenomenon may be different. So, by the other spouse or lover in life are set so powerful energy connection that after the death of one partner is really emerging energy corridor through which he keeps coming back to the earth's love. Besides, sex is associated with an incredibly strong energy.

Therefore, not only dark but bright and entities sometimes come to the people with a view to the mutual exchange of energies. If a person suffers from it, feels the need to get rid of the hated ties, better to do it with the help of a professional. But often in such a relationship can not invade, destroy them because they are positive and essentially important to both sides.

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