In the collection of signatures contributes even the weather

On the eve of the weekend increases the activity of the collector of signatures for nominees to the presidential candidates. Now, this was due to more and sunny weather. Activists and voters are willing to share with the correspondents of "Freedom" with their news and experiences.

Vitebsk Region

Activists carried out field visits to remote areas

Vitebsk activists held a picket-site to collect signatures in support of Ales Mikhalevich, Gregory Kastusiou and Statkevich in district Liozno and Novolukoml.

Christopher Zhelyapau collecting signatures in Lezne.

On Christopher Zhelyapova, who collected signatures for nomination of Gregory Kastusiou in Lezne, it was a special "test trips":

"In Vitebsk petition is successful enough, so we decided to have a few" test-trips "in those regions where there are no democratic structures. To see what's the mood of the people as they relate to elections and nominees from the various democratic structures. "

In Lezne says Zhelyapau, they have reportedly been waiting for: at noon was ordered to stop the work of the local fairs, where they settled signature collectors, and their pickets at once surrounded the police with walkie-talkies. I had to move to another location in the center. And during the break, there began working actively to approach members of the local executive committee, with some — with a clearly provocative purposes:

"She went chairwoman of the district council, the head of the ideological department. And with them was a girl who went from picket to picket, and kept asking any campaign materials. Like, let flyer or poster or calendar, I'll take it home and hang on the wall … It was obvious that the members of the initiative group provoke them to give something, and then you could say that is illegal election campaign. "

On the picket granted chief "ideologist" Liozna Pivuta executive committee Alexander (far left).

Liozno area — the border with the Russian Federation, there has never been particularly clear opposition sentiment, said Christopher Zhelyapau. But on the BNF there heard and actively subscribed for Gregory Kastusiou, however, when the district authorities are already out:

"Once gone ispolkomovskie employees, people started to sign. They supported the candidate of the Popular Front. Although, frankly, more can sign up for Ales Mikhalevich. After all, it is a vector for the modernization of Belarus, as a young candidate. "

Why in Novolukoml afraid Michalevic?

But in a sign for Novolukoml Ales Mikhalevich many refused categorically and openly. The reason for rejection was simple: the previous chairman of the executive committee there was Anfim Michalevic, who is now a member of the House of Representatives. Therefore, people just say "Another one Michalevic we do not! He ruined the area, and this, perhaps, a relative "

Tamara Karizna collecting signatures in Novolukoml.

For Ales Mikhalevich subscribed unless the young people who did not know the former district authorities. And the older generation did not fit the picket also because they were afraid, said collector of signatures Tamara Karizna:

"People are so terrified that all the time, we said, 'You also go to jail, you're not afraid?" Therefore approached with caution. Who is older — immediately guided to the picket to collect signatures for Statkevich. A young willingly signed up for Ales Mikhalevich. "

Collector of signatures Alexei Gavrutikov said that Statkevich residents Novolukoml learned in films "The Godfather," which, as it turns out, many looked:

"Residents Novolukoml came to the stand with a portrait and learn Statkevich. It became clear from conversations he learned from the interviews in the film "The Godfather." People are very painful embraced this film, and expressed surprise that you can still run the state after that. However, many said that Lukashenko needs to be changed, but the courage to sign for another candidate many lack. "

Alex Gavrutikov collector of signatures.


Voters are worried about Vladimir Neklyaeva

In Mogilev activists of opposition groups began to be recorded by observers at the district election commissions. After a short break, resumed the collection of signatures in support of Lukashenka's pro-government organization.

The first observer in the region with the Ecological Tourism Electoral Commission registered an activist of the BPF Boris Vyrvich. According to the activist, problems with the registration no. His nomination was supported by twelve residents.

"I will try to make sure that the commission considered the voice of justice, but I'm not sure that I do quite succeed. Belarusian legislation restricts the actions of observers. Need more openness and transparency in the actions of the commission ", — said Boris Vyrvich.

Again, there were pickets in support of Lukashenka …

In Mogilev at this time reappeared collectors of signatures in support of Alexander Lukashenko. They were not on the ground in front of the home life of the city for about a week. By turns activists collect signatures "White Russia" and the Belarusian Republican Youth Union. Today was the turn of "White Russia".

Picket "White Russia".

Reporter"There was information that, in support of Alexander Lukashenko has collected hundreds of thousands of signatures. Does it make sense to continue to collect them? "

Collector"To this question I can not answer. I am a member of the initiative group, and the collection of signatures is held on a specific date. I purposely do not agitate the people themselves fit. "

Reporter"In today how many were collected?"

Collector"In the area of fifteen to eighteen per hour."

Tatiana Kovaleva

Over fifty meters — an opposition rally. In pickers signatures Tatiana Kovaleva I asked how much she has collected over Neklyaeva

"We have thirty two. People keep coming and coming. If you have a passport, you agree to tomorrow. Active people have a voice. Wish every success. "

Reporter"People already know about prevention?"

Kovalev"Yes, they know. Worried that did not cancel it because of these misunderstandings. "

The area of free in Mogilev.

Gomel Oblast

The Democrats write complaints, and officials sent unsubscribe

Signature collectors for the opposition presidential candidates and the incumbent work under different conditions
. Let alone anywhere — on the enterprise, in boarding schools, the other was removed even from the markets.

Petition for Neklyaeva, Sannikov and Statkevich.

Says Andrew Tolchin, one of the coordinators of the campaign to collect signatures for the presidential nomination of the poet Vladimir Neklyaeva:

"The leaders of trade enterprises, in particular, markets, hinder the collection of signatures. For example, the director of the market "Davydovskij" made an attempt to ward off Natalia Shchukin from the place near the market, where she collected signatures. We warned the director that there would be an act of an obstacle, and then he got off. The same situation was with us and the market "Prudkovskii." It seems that some leaders deliberately hinder the collection of signatures for the candidates of the opposition. "

Svyatoslav Shapovalov, activist of the initiative group of Vital Rymasheuski, appealed to the Regional Commission and the police about the obstacles to collect signatures in the dorm Medical University:

"Now come to unsubscribe. The police sent a formal reply, and an evasion of Stosha, chairman of the regional election commission. It is a violation, we reserve the right to collect. But, in fact, we were not allowed there. A collector for Lukashenko allowed, anywhere. I have repeatedly said that they signed him at work, and we are not even allowed into the hostel. People for Lukashenko signed even at work, even though it is forbidden. "

Today the protesters for the incumbent head of state handed out to citizens in a department store small blue flags with the image of a lynx, official flags of Gomel. The distribution of certain characters signature collectors for alternative candidates for the presidency is strictly prohibited.

How to cancel a sign for Lukashenko?

Homel activist Constantin Zhukovsky said that he had to write an application to the Central Election Commission and to withdraw its signature for Alexander Lukashenko, as seen on the same picket line, as it were two different candidates:

"I withdrew the signature, because in fact I do not know who I signed up. When I arrived, I was told that Alexander Lukashenko was born on August 31 — and I signed up for it with great pleasure. A day come — Alexander G. is the second born on 30 August. It is as though two people, and one must be removed from the election, because he probably specially selected by votes from our president saint. Something had to be done with it.

I decided to write a letter Yarmoshina to say how many people with the surname Lukashenko running for president, which of them is now the president? And to punish the guilty, what is done. It's a horror. "

Collecting signatures for Lukashenko.


The opposition is planning the next phase of the campaign

Brest regional UCP Party "Fair World", as well as regional BSDPG appealed to the deputies of the House of Representatives with a proposal to discuss the course of the presidential campaign. Policy, pending the collection of signatures, consider the prospects and plans for the election campaign.

The coordinator of the movement "For Freedom" in Brest Denis Turchanyak officials sent a statement to City Council with a request to provide an office for the citizens in order to conduct public discussions of registered candidates. Such events provided by the Electoral Code. However, the response of officials have been identified where possible to hold pickets to collect signatures, so the answer is not on the merits, says Dennis Turchanyak:

"I have asked officials to the issue of the campaign period, and they responded to me for some reason of the period of registration of candidates. I was outraged and made a complaint about bringing officials accountable for violating the law on the treatment of citizens. "

Also, leaders of the three opposition parties, provincial deputies sent an appeal to the House of Representatives with an offer to meet and discuss the socio-political and social problems. The main issues which have been prepared for MPs — the organization and conduct of elections, says Nicholas Bucket:

"We want to hear from members answer a series of questions relating to the organization of the elections. And also interested in the ratio of deputies to those or other actions of the authorities. "

The deputy of one of the districts did not respond to the request, which is a violation of the law on the treatment of citizens, says the chairman of the Brest regional branch of the UCP Nicholas bucket. Party members are now contemplating over how to respond to this attitude of the deputy. Such meetings for members not very pleasant, says Nicholas Bucket, as discussed not urgent problem of the individual, but a whole set of questions:

"We put more voluminous issues related to the organization of the election, the terms of the parties. Here deputy to express their position as the people's choice, and for them it makes it difficult. "



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