In the Khabarovsk region are taken from the staff base near forest fire

 Employees Siziman logging area in the Khabarovsk region, seven kilometers from the raging forest fire which are exported to other places, according to the press service of the Russian Federation on GUMCHS Khabarovsk region.

Notice of a forest fire in the area on a rotational basis logging Siziman Vanino District of the Khabarovsk Territory came in on Monday night. At the base there are about 110 loggers. Who is fighting the fire cast aviation MOE.

"For updated information, from camp Siziman and adjacent forest areas by car transported 75 workers in Highland Village. Another 42 people are available on the boat, located near the village Siziman to load timber" — according to the information.

However, in the village for safety and to protect it from fire remains 65. To not let the fire to the buildings around the logging database held opashka wider than 30 meters. To fight fires in readiness are bulldozers, water carter, six water pumps and water pump and fire pond.

It is noted that at the present time in the logging database continue to work Russian Emergencies Ministry aircraft: helicopters Mi-8 and Mi-26, Be-200 Far Eastern Air Disaster and Rescue Emergency Center of Russia and the IL-76 Russian Emergencies Ministry. All to the fire relief brought 70 people and six pieces of equipment, including the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia — 67 people and five vehicles.

At the scene to clarify the situation and coordinate the task force is the Far Eastern regional center of Russian Emergencies Ministry, psychologists Russian Emergencies Ministry. In the centers of the Crisis Management Far East Regional Emergency Center GUMCHS Russia and Russia's Khabarovsk region operate operational headquarters.

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