In Transcarpathia found traces of Bigfoot

February 25, 2013 19:12

"Bigfoot" can and should be a good tourist attraction

So far, the theme of "Bigfoot" in Transcarpathia was developed at the level of mythology and folklore. Now the locals from time to time to drive a mysterious creature, and catching the elusive Yeti — is a new tourist attraction. In another scientific expedition in search of Bigfoot in Transcarpathia went correspondents ICTV channel last week. The correspondents of the "Maximum in Ukraine" personally convinced: though Transcarpathian meeting with snowman and did not record one camera, but old stories nobody questioned — there used to trust in the word. Carpathian yeti footprints are drawn to the ridges of high mountains, where the wild mountains, where the foot or ATV not get. But it is there are large prints of bare feet … Fedor Sandor, Head of the Department of Tourism of Uzhgorod National University (UNU) is confident that "Bigfoot" can and should be a good tourist attraction for the Transcarpathian region.

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