In Vitebsk, beat collector of signatures

The incident occurred in an apartment number 3 body 1 on the street P.Brovki where Andrew Ledovsky came to offer to subscribe for the nomination Yaroslav Romanchuk.

He says that the signature for the nomination of the candidate has given his age, Alexander Chubakov born in 1978. He signed, but joked that his signature could get to the KGB, and through its "planted"

The apartment had two other men drunk. One of them, an older, rushed to the collector and demanded to give him a subscription list with the name Chubakova. Andrew Ledovsky explained that it could not do so as there are other people signed up, but the signature if the person changed my mind, can be deleted.

This proposal did not satisfy his opponent. The gray-haired man rushed up to fight Andrei Ledovsky, repeatedly pushed him, inflicted several blows to the head with his fists, and finally hit his head on the wall.

Seriously fight with an elderly man Andrew Ledovsky did not, but was forced to seek health care, as a very bad headache. The hospital recorded injuries, and Andrew Ledovsky wrote a letter to the First Department of Internal Affairs to the attacker punished.

Torn subscription list may be material evidence in a court case — a collector of signatures managed to save it.

Except for Yaroslav Romanchuk, Vitebsk resident Andrew Ledovsky collecting signatures also for the nomination Statkevich and Vladimir Neklyaeva.

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