In Yurovichi tired of waiting for the restored monastery

The fifth year in a place Yurovichi Kalinkovichy area being renovated former Jesuit monastery — a monument of architecture of XVIII. The church was closed by order of the Governor-General Muraveva-hangman after the suppression of the national liberation uprising of 1863-64 period. Reconstruction had to finish last year, but then moved right on to December 2012.

The authorities do not have the money to restore the unique tourist site, which has long admitted to the so-called "Golden Ring of Gomel."

"It is waiting — we can not wait"

Yurovichi intelligent looking woman says people long wait for the completion of the reconstruction of this unique monument of architecture:

"It is waiting — we can not wait. And they all change the Object ID and other dates set. Few workers in the monastery."

A resident of Y. Mrs. Zosia, who lives with the former monastery, said that before working on the reconstruction of her husband, but denied it:

"My Cornflower doing here. They would have already done so, but they deceived — the money is not paid. Those of Minsk were such, any company — cheat and do not do justice. From Mozir were construction workers, so none of them do not pay the money" .

The woman said that as slowly being built and the second tourist destination — a museum of prehistoric man. The exhibition houses of our ancestors under a transparent dome is located in the section of the hill. Here excavations were conducted and found was a sensational discovery — the head of a mammoth with tusks:

"Stop here, under the mountain. Visible steps on the mountain. Mammoth unearthed there. So once the museum there, there just dig. Said below, where the houses are now, once the sea was. It's like a dried up — mammoths came here to drink water . And there were dead already, because there was no water. "

The open air museum erected local builders, and the monastery customer — the company "Gomelrestavratsiya" — donated to the reconstruction of the Gomel trust № 27. The former general contractor — Closed Joint Stock Company "Elvira" from Minsk — would only deal with decorative moldings.

Responsible for the continued renovation of the monastery foreman Nikolai Kryukov trust № 27apavev:

"We have not worked half a year — from November of last year to the present may — due to lack of funding."

"We have not worked half a year — from November last year at present may — due to lack of funding. We have taken this object from the Ming society, "Elvira." There were builders and Mozyr, and someone else … Now things started — under the roof is a central part. Exterior styling is almost finished. "

From the former Jesuit residence Yurovichi remained dilapidated church, the building of the collegium and part brick fence with the tip of the towers.

The church was closed by order of the Governor-General Muraveva-hangman after the suppression of the national liberation uprising of 1863-64 period.

Witness the events Senchukovski vicar priest wrote: "In Yurovichi arrived hundred Cossacks, who for four hours chopping axes authors in the church, broke the 12 statues of the apostles and the body …". Finally, the Jesuit church to the Orthodox, and September 8, 1865, he was consecrated in the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin.

The current Belarusian authorities former Jesuit monastery gave Turov-Mozyr Orthodox diocese, and the former Jesuit church started to reconstruct on the budget. However, he recovered very slowly, and, quite strangely.

Tells one of the representatives of culture in the region, who did not want to give his name:

"Outside the church will be like a Jesuit — a monument of architecture of the way it was originally built, and inside — the orthodox."

To restore only the church, you need more than 18 billion rubles:

"Very slowly, it all goes — there's no money. Already reconstruction in 2012. And as it happens, life will show. Though I was in Poland, there was a speech about the church. So there said, if invited Catholics here, they would made ourselves. "

In the XVIII century, when the Jesuit residence Yurovichi were bursa music, theater, library, and the settlement owned Magdeburg Law.

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