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Here, just for instance, a few stories from my archive.

In the Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation is studying young Xenia Lepyoshkina suburban town of Magnitogorsk storms. She enrolled in college at age 12 and three years studying only to "excellent." Her mother, Julia Vatslavovna recalls that her daughter learned to speak before the walk — in 8 months, and immediately whole phrases. Read Xenia started 3 years, 4 years and was fascinated by Jules Verne, read his books avidly. By the time she suddenly appeared such knowledge, which are not even all adults. The little girl knew how to achieve excellence and to have supernatural powers. This is likely to have been the secret ancient knowledge — Vedic teachings, which are considered to be forever lost to us, modern people. For four years she decided to go to school, what your parents said.

Interview at the school showed that it reads perfectly, knows the multiplication table, can produce arithmetic. She was accepted immediately into the second class of Magnitogorsk school with advanced study of mathematics and English. Soon she set up free visit — Xenia came to control and dictation. Xenia performed miracles — for two or three months, she was able to learn the program of the school year. The requirements for the seventh and eighth grade girl handled in a year. After the ninth grade for the summer program was the tenth and immediately went to the eleventh. School girl graduated at age 12 with a gold medal.

— I never grind any objects — says Xenia. — Studying in the school did not cost me a lot of effort. I was interested to gain new knowledge.

In autumn 2003, the girl went to Moscow at the Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation. The results of the interview just shocked members of the selection committee. First, Ksenia has demonstrated a completely new, innovative ways of solving mathematical problems, and secondly, it offers a truly unique knowledge, which can have only an experienced scientist.

Nothing such it was not taught neither parents nor teachers. Where did the simple village girl appeared as the unique knowledge and abilities, some amazing discoveries to expect from her in the future? It remains to assume that this knowledge is "taken" from a previous life, or can be connected to the biosphere of the Earth, where all the accumulated knowledge of human civilization. We can not exclude that the girl belongs to the new breed of children, who are called "Indigo".

While studying at the academy, Ksenia still reads a lot, sometimes "up to four in the morning."

— Success can be achieved only in the fact that you are sincerely interested in — she says. — You should never force a person to do something by force.

And interest Lepeshkin, it turns out, a lot. FINANCIAL 15-year-old student said with a gleam in his eyes, what kind of light up when her peers as a fashion. She studied English, German and Spanish, next year plans to study Japanese. In the near future — French and Arabic. Xenia gets higher scholarship and grant "Gifted children Magnitogorsk." She is very strong-willed and determined person, but live and direct. Credited Remarque, Dreiser, Maughan, loves to be in the Tretyakov Gallery and other museums in Moscow. Abroad to study is going, because it is a patriot of his country. Do it all in front of … [3]

7-year-old Loew Bondarev of Theodosius issued the original book of problems for students, in which all the puzzles invented himself. Left up to 2 years did not speak, but all of a sudden began to read. Mom found it by accident.

— We walked along the waterfront, and suddenly he clearly said, "Exchange Rates"! — Says Victoria Bondarev. — I thought I heard somewhere on the radio. Then go. "Pharmacy!" "Mail!" Only then it dawned on me that he read the signs! In two years!

Next he read all mixed up. Carlson and children's encyclopedia, Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Winnie-the-Pooh, Russian history from Rurik to Romanov … Found tutorial English and literally ten lessons began to read English texts. In 4 years, he found in the closet mathematic — old textbook and Uzorova Nefedova. The figures and calculations are not carried away by his smaller letters.

He has no friends, because peer boy interested — not to talk about. To help my mother, who is visually impaired, he wrote a book of problems, sells his parents on the beach with the kids. Already taken for philosophical treatises, for example, wrote, "What is a real man" — based on the scandals in a neighboring yard. During the year the program has overcome Loew three classes. Studying externally, exams in all subjects. His mother offered to arrange a son in the capital boarding school for gifted children, but, on reflection, they refused: not live without each other and the day … [4]

And there are other amazing children.

Five-year Nina Sabrekova paints a picture, some of her works are marked in international competitions: "The angel pours hot garden" and "Angel of Moscow." This angel hovers over the sleeping Moscow. In one hand, his cross, another note from the Virgin Mary. It's simple and brilliant. City wakes up in the morning the other — free from anger, envy, resentment, pride, irritation.

Six year old Nastya Obukhov writes beautiful paintings, poems and compose tales. It creates a "Planet of children" in a series of 20 books. Picturing the first loaf, she drew a circle on the paper perfect shape, though it had a compass. The world has known only two hands so true owner — great Italian Giotto and Leonardo da Vinci. Anastasia herself tells of miraculous transformations line: "When I take the paper and brush drawing I already lit, and the fingers about to beam power." With peers, it is open and friendly. One was in a sanatorium, and gave his whole heart dumb boy. She was with him all the days of playing, and he took good-bye and … talk.

When Nastia was 4 years old, she asked, puzzled mother, soon they will be born with my mother for the second time. Apparently, she had in mind following their implementation.

For these children, the moral commandments — not an abstract concept. For them, the important thing in this life — the soul and love. Other people at the end of life does not utter these words, but these kids they do not go with the language. Spirituality and beauty — this is the way, which is predetermined by them initially.

Jermyn Gardiner Baltimore its first melody tapped on the keyboard when he was 13 months. A year later, he performed Beethoven, and in three years, began composing his own music.

Filipino Shaira Moon in three years played the piano beautifully and well painted with oil paints.

Nine-year-old boy from the UK, just a few years ago, literate, wrote a book about the adventures of the curious students. Critics claim that the novel — this is not a beginner attempt at writing, and mature product, which the author has been carefully edited. Work on it began in a boy seven years of age.

Turks Bedri Dakama draws from the age of three to seven years and was the author of six thousand paintings, which received rave reviews specialists.

Saratov schoolboy Sergei Semivolos endowed with talent, the likes of which the world does not know he has a unique memory … the smells. The boy's name was included in the Guinness Book of Records, "Miracle." No end of musicians, artists, mathematicians, who appear in our time of transition, and almost from the cradle to show their talents, abilities, inclinations.

The hypothesis of the Vice-President "Evrotalanta", PhD Dmitry Ushakov that children inherit from their parents, all these talents, does not explain the fact that quite often have "normal" children of parents born phenomena. Such as 9-year-old from Asudevan Indian city of Madras, with the unique ability in math. He, for example, the second extracts roots in the mind of the 4th degree of the seven-digit numbers. A 11-year old Alice Build from the Australian city of Darwin, the daughter almost illiterate parents, is capable of producing in the mind of all mathematical operations, and recently in competition with computers emerged victorious.

In the Stavropol region, in Georgievsk, rising young prodigy Igor Zaitsev. Once he began to scream in the night: in Stavropol road is car, and exited four soldiers, pushing the car and split it! The scene would be home soon forgotten, if not mother Igor had to quickly go to the next day in that region. But there she was with no one able to meet as 4 officers were killed at night — "UAZ" fell off a cliff. Weight of this knowledge of death, illness, accidents … One morning, he asked, "bus bob?" And he said, with tears, that clash. On the same day, people have witnessed a very rare sight in — collision of buses. Daily turn to Igor for help to find missing daughter, son, relatives, etc., who disappeared without a trace, but to tell the bitter truth Igor with his mother sometimes hesitant. [5]

According to the newspaper "Arguments and Facts. Family Council »№ 7, 2005, in Beijing, the first case in the history of medicine when talking … two-month baby!

For mom baby was a complete surprise to hear as a child, instead of screaming, hungry, suddenly said: "Milk!" And the word "mama" he started to say earlier. Doctors at Children's Hospital in Beijing examined the child and found him "volubility" unique case. Mother does not aim to teach children to speak in such a "young" age. According to experts, children learn to speak sooner, not necessarily become prodigies. Moreover, if they start talking later middle age norm, they have more chances to show subsequently extraordinary mental abilities.

The enumeration of these cases it is possible to go on, they come from all over the world almost every day. What does this mean? In my opinion, the fact that "they are already." Unusual children, harbingers of the sixth race, come to the society, as predicted and Blavatsky and the Roerich family.

In the book "Blink" from the Living Ethics is written:

"Just like you, we are following the development, follow the children from the cradle and weigh their best thoughts around the world. Of course, not often the spirit comes to the development and the number of great fallen away, but as a beautiful garden, happy thoughts pure. Therefore not be surprised that the Great Teacher repeats simple phrases. Fixing these thoughts, we sometimes give excellent foothold flower spirit. Therefore, along with the great cosmic discoveries and world events, we also carefully raise our spirit flowers. So varied work of Our Brotherhood. [6]

In the book "The World of fire. Part 1 "is also a reference to the fact that the world will have children with unusual instincts, and they appear! "The new race could emerge in different parts of the Earth. Do not even be surprised if some manifestations will be in the most unexpected places. After all, magnets spread quite unexpectedly for mankind. But at the position of the magnets are taken into account many of the conditions. And a network of emerging races scattered to distant suburbs. But part of the world decides the fate of the century. I will not call this part of the World, but the history of all the movements enough said it "[7].

We can assume that in this passage it comes to Russia. Here are increasingly born children of the new era. Besides increasing evidence, and in this we have to convince.

Before I could send my thoughts about indigo children in the city, where he lives Teplov, as again I got a letter from her.

"Pursuit of the previous monologue about my children" X "to announce a few more considerations. Armed with your list of relevant literature, visited the shop and found the book "The Indigo Children" Lee Carroll and J. Tober. Reading disheartening. I barely understand Americans. I have friends in the U.S., but I'm too hard to understand.

If it is not an example before my eyes as my own son, I would quietly agreed if indigo phenomenon purely American phenomenon. Those cases are considered by the authors, we have no one in Russia would not be allocated to any separate category. In pedagogy, psychology, childhood, we have a category of "gifted children", where almost all (!) Described the situation would have found its place. A few years ago, as a student, I'll explore in detail this part of knowledge, and wrote a term paper on the subject. For which, incidentally, received the second prize at the Inter-University Scientific Conference.

I think that American life is too regulated and hierarchical. 32 teeth to smile and say "everything is ok" — it is difficult, if the soul cat scratching. Tests IQ, a consumer boom and other amenities of life there the only good-looking appearance.

And then came the reaction. Reverse, in fact.

Children of parents who are under constant stress, suddenly did not want to inherit the model voluntarily accepted behavior: who car cooler, who has more money, who glory … They did not want to, and their parents are not able to cope with this new challenge.

Hence, all of these "definitions Indigo", like:

they do not have the absolute authority;

they did not respond to allegations of misconduct;

they prefer to respect the traditions of art, etc.

Before protesting hippies, and now the so-called "Indigo". Nancy Ann Tappe statement, the ancestor of the term "Indigo", in general, in my opinion, unfounded. 90% of children in its view, under 7 years old, are the color indigo — this is too much! There is no! At least in Russia. And the fact that after 20 years of "all colors disappear … except indigo at all levels" — is not an exaggeration or a desire to engage in wishful thinking?

I repeat, I would not take itself this head, if not for one "but" … an incredible and incomprehensible to us kids really are born, and perhaps all of us it is time to think about it. That's just science we are so inert and open-minded, that the truth is never at the existing paradigm will not do. Just too tough for the materialists, that requires other qualitative approaches.

Maybe these kids should not dignify "Indigo," as the term is used for other purposes. Although we will do here the dominant color of the upper chakras — shades of blue and purple.

As for my personal experience, I want to emphasize that the "new kids" are distinguished primarily on the energy level. They have a different energy transfer, and everything connected with it, has a different structure and reaction. I think it can be fixed, even appliances. For example, they define the Chinese meridians and acupuncture points in acupuncture. Had that, and acupuncture can damage children indigo. Or the same iridology …

However, I do not think that these children we risk facing everywhere. They are few, and we have time to prepare for their arrival.

And now for your questions …

You ask, is it hard for these children of men, in my experience?

— I think so, especially when it stands out too much from the crowd. A child's life — it's family, school, friends. Parents can be busy extracting the "daily bread", the friends — jealousy and envy (hence — to mock and humiliate), and teachers do not always love those who suddenly know more than them.

Here's an example of one "helluva lot of smart" home asked to learn a rule-definition on botany. It was the phrase "Floriculture — is the farming of flowers for decoration." Child (10 years) in the classroom by himself adds that the flowers are raised for medicines, dyes, oils, and lists from which it is obtained. In the end, he put in his diary, "four", as asked to memorize the definition, and not flog gag. I think there's not a normal child has the right to be offended and dislike "this bespectacled fool."

Such examples I know a lot of communicating with the students as well as some parents. I know, for example, the wonderful student, won prizes in all competitions in English. I do not have time to finish the explanation of the new position, as he pulled his hand. Over half a lesson he had time to perform all the tasks and homework. After that, I let him do other homework or reading magazines in English. But in other subjects, I know, he put the "3" or "2" … It was a difficult child, nervous. He could get up and walk out of class, if a fight with a neighbor's party.

However, I find it hard to believe that this is a capable and well trained child could not be the same as the English, to learn the Russian language or mathematics or history. Just seems to be a creative approach to learning, then such geeks will not be bored in class. Another question is that not all teachers are ready for a ridiculous salary and try to invent something.

Q: — Is it true that these kids a great memory, and they all quickly absorbed?

— Yes, in my experience, really. They are easy to learn rules of the game, if they see their usefulness. When training indigo should give them perspective. That is to show that for which it is necessary to study the subject, or the rule. If this perspective, the goal is no understanding, learning becomes a routine, meaningless "numbers shifting from place to place" (quote from student 3rd class). In other words, they are stubborn.

Another example: I know a child who wrote all the math formulas are not Latin, and Russian letters: (a2 + b2) p2. Corrected him, put "two", called his parents, and he kept saying, "I do not know the difference! I do not want to! I decide right, why not write to u instead? "Well, how to convince him?

Question: — whether they remember their past lives?

— All of these "strange children," said in one form or another, that they lived somewhere other than on Earth. My child, for example, called the same star, which was one of my mentors. Although I have never on this subject with him saying. Why? If anything, this is one of my "skeletons in the closet." He does not know what I was trained as a young man in a kind of "heavenly college" and have some unknown Monitors. And will it be better if he finds out? Is that — in due time …

Question: — What are the interests they prevail?

— What strikes me in them, is the ability for a deep analysis of the problem. For example, a friend of the boy prepared a report on the Slavic alphabet, by addressing the "Book of Veles" and runes that came up with the ABC that Cyril and Methodius — Glagolitic and Cyrillic. Now, he quoted from memory texts in Old and drew on the board options runes and letters. All — orally, without cribs. Report took 30 minutes of the lesson. A child of 9 years.

Boris, student 11 years, decides to house the collection of tasks to go to university. "Why?" — Asked, said: "For the soul."

Student Victor has created a number of computer programs for school purposes — for example, to schedule. He won the regional competition, but went out of the competition, as he 12 years old, less than expected.

Indigo whether or simply talented? I'm not sure, to be honest.

Question: — Do they see a visual of their "mentors" from the outside?

— For all I will not say, but some admit it. My son at all, it seems, has hit in religion. The cross is now constantly before bedtime every corner of the room the cross. It shocked me as long as he did not explain what so at night it has not come to the "bad." I agree that this is reasonable, because in the past it really bad to sleep — afraid of the dark. Let the sign of the cross and the sign of the cross, if it helps at least psychologically.

Question: — How to distinguish the thoughts of others, if there is a hint?

— This is a difficult question. I do not know how to cope with it "turkeys", but I can try to answer myself. After all, this problem is familiar to me, I get the information from their mentors as her get some of the "new" children. True, always remember that somewhere nearby there is a question of madness, schizophrenia, split …

What can be illustrated by the situation? Imagine that you have turned on the radio and heard the music. Even a person with no musical education distinguish classics from "mushi-Pusey." And if he has at least a basic knowledge, you will never confuse Brahms with Rimsky-Korsakov or, for example, a voice with the voice of Alsou Zemfira.

The analogy can be extended: the poetry of Pushkin and Nekrasov, Rubens, Picasso, Le Corbusier's architecture, etc. The specialist will explain what and why one writer is different, he will write about this whole dissertation. I, alas, not an expert and I can not coherently manipulate anything except personal emotions and impressions. But I'm sure: the mental contact all beings are individual and unique as the individual and unique human finger prints. And just in terms of exposure and color can judge the nature of the interlocutor, his fate, dispositions and mental health. This area is still waiting to be explored. I was able to quickly adapt and learn to recognize your own or someone else's thoughts in my head. That's just hard to explain how it is done. Apparently, the main thing — to set, and then everything is perceived quite simply and naturally.

That's what worries me is there not a problem indigo children of some other reasons, rather than fixed mutation earthlings? In other words, if someone does not prepare the way for a new relationship in the world in pursuit of their own, not yet clear to us the goal? And of course, I can not agree that such children in the community for about 90%. Who need to exaggerate this figure?

I drew attention to the way books are written about the "Indigo". First, they are very, even too popularized and simplified. Perhaps, this is done for better contact with the reader, then — okay. Second, although the books are written by specialists, phrases and provisions are built very simply. The reader should, one may think that so says the man is the same as he, like a neighbor or passer-by in the street. As if deliberately achieved credibility intonation — so that they no longer believed to have agreed? Third, indigo children praise and admire them. But we know — Praise the child and his mother will like to you the full confidence and sympathy. Fourth, the book is a lot of "water", the text that bears no semantic load.

Maybe I'm overly dramatize, but these books remind me of the kind of PR campaign. And if it were a presidential candidate, the zombie voters would be understandable and natural, and here … Why do I need all of us to program in support of questionable changes in people? Many people do not want to indigo immediately become indigo, found in his alien roots, or at least a "hold of the Indigo", to stand with them.

In short, the proper reaction is obvious. And yet those "Indigo", which are described in the books, not the angels: they are rude relatives, often deal with the police, addicted to drugs, etc. You heard that those who shoot their peers and teachers in schools in the U.S., sometimes also referred to the category of indigo? But how they look attractive in the end! Paradox? And I think the systematic work with the population. But who is it and why? Here we would understand.

Even you, Gennady Stepanovich, did not escape this strange effect. You want to see the indigo degrading correctional population of earthlings. But than, say, they are better than us — brutal, blind and greedy? The fact that they have lower body temperature? That they receive information not only through the five senses? The fact that each of them has its own puppeteer Mentor? The fact that they do not want to "cast pearls before swine"?

Yes, I agree — it is a very difficult problem. It matures, and we all need to look for appropriate ways to resolve it for the better.

But here I had an idea: we all can co-exist perfectly with indigo without problems on both sides. They fit perfectly into our circle and may indeed help us to improve. The difficulty is that we are ready to declare war on them and do not want to change. Therefore indigo can just as easily destroy us, like to save. Who knows, maybe, their appearance — it is for us the next test "for lice", and decide in the end again, not us, but someone over?

And now about the son … I have long with this I toil. Start with the fact that my Alyosha in the 1 year knew all the letters, and his favorite book was the encyclopaedia "What are the stars?" And loved the little animals — the dragon, because he — he told me! — "Descendant of dragons from another planet." That's it! As you like, and understand. For example, about the reasonable reptoids I somehow already well read. But he was not the same! However, I as a mother would not want to make your child a public object for research. But in professional advice on communication with these children and their parents — need.

For example, he does not want to obey the rules. I ask him: "Do you know that unstressed vowels in this exercise should be emphasized by one line, and under stress — the two?" — "Yes, I read the job." — "Then why are you stressed wavy lines?" — "Whatever. This underscores generally a waste of time. " I do not understand how to communicate with him, teach him how to avoid sharp corners. And he's only 10 years old, and what to do in 14? In 18? .. I do not make him, as before, to alter your homework — and that he will get "a couple"? And these terrible exam where you have to mark a cross in the box? And if he would ever think to draw circles in the boxes? And after school — as he will continue to live?

When he was four years old, he was put off by the invisible "black people in hats," he could chat with unknown Sveta, "who lives very far away, beyond the forest, you can not see," could predict that "this is my father calls the number, because I can feel it "- and lifted the receiver, not waiting for the opening bell … But what will I do when he grows up and does not want to hide, to become," like everyone else "?

Alesha recently reported that he has a personal mentor and his name is Gaby. If it is the same one that was known to me under the name of Western Gabriel, then I am in despair. Gab was one of those who remained in the sky web, when we left. It turns out that my child — pupil "ideological enemy" and will soon add to the list runs the risk of "favorite enemy"? You'll see, one day, and all of us — indigo and other colors — go manual, someone clicks on the "ON." I pray heaven to do we went to war with their own children and friends, in the literal sense of the word .

Goodbye. I wish you success. Hope. "

I could only think about the situation and to take note of it. Understand anything in it and, even more so, to advise, it would be at my current knowledge reckless occupation. What development will be the situation with the child Heat, may show only the future. We need to be patient and learn only what is now with us. And I took up these issues with curiosity and hunting, which was only capable of.

Gennady Belimov of Indigo Children books in Russia

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