Indigo children in Russia — under the control of outside …

Tatyana Makarova of transmitted information I was interested in the story of Vanya, who is 18 years old and enrolled at the University of Samara, being trained in the specialty "psychology". In his biography he held me especially the fact of "arrival" of the other part of the planet and the fate of some of his unearthly curators. The appearance of Vanya on Earth wonder exactly fit into the concept of "Starship Troopers", which was originally born as a beautiful metaphor, but is confirmed by more and more facts.

In the future we with Ivan and her mother met — at a conference in Togliatti, Samara Bend dedicated riddles, but to talk for a long time we have failed. But his story, which, of course, continues, became the first book, TV Makarova "Togliatti Chronicles of paranormal phenomena. Facts and Reflections, "published in 2006, a very small edition. [15] We make use of its records that the researchers did, watching Vanya.

Tatiana says: "Our observations of this family for 12 years, clearly show how under scrutiny from the outside is humanity, attention of some superhuman strength. This lets you know that many events that we humans seem to be random, are actually the nodes in the intricacies of the lines of fate, the result of confrontation between the forces of evolution and the forces of decay. And as it often happens that, when faced with the conductor of destiny in a man's face or circumstances, we, alas, are not able to recognize them. "

So, in a family of Alena and Alexis had a second son. Boy named Vanya. But the whole story started a little earlier. The first boy in the family since birth suffered very strong diathesis, which gave him great anguish, and parents — constant trouble. Naturally, worn out with the first son of the second child, they did not think. But one day, Alain had a dream that she is on the seventh floor of a stranger at home, where there are a lot of colors.

Suddenly, in the background at a remarkably beautiful sky appears a handsome old man (the size of this old man for some reason, not confused, but he was just on the ground) and carefully hands her white swan. Allen was about to take the gift, but the old man stopped her rush, "Wait a bit, yet. But it will be yours. "

Soon she realized she was pregnant, and have understood that this child should have. And how hard she got older son, so it was easy to Vanya. The labor was easy, baby was born healthy and strong. And even if he was a baby and cried, softly, almost apologetically.

But two months after the birth of Vanya sick ear, and put him in the hospital in flu-like room. Analyses showed no flu, but during his time in the House of baby became very cough and choke. Set a new diagnosis — pertussis, and transferred to the infectious disease clinic. There placed third diagnosis — bilateral pneumonia. Temperature shot up to 40 °. Fourth diagnosis was even worse — meningitis. None of the diagnosis was not confirmed later.

Whether by inadvertence nurses, or for someone's ill will (and in later life, Van many, many times to repel any attack evil forces) due to incorrect administration of drugs in the two-month baby happened clinical death. Turns out, it was intended to remedy the boy much older with a different diagnosis. The excessive dose of the drug led to a crumb of clinical death.

Fortunately, Vanya pumped and saved. But this incident has given serious consequences — a complication of the ear and some language delay. Well, grow all sorts of children, and the mother did not despair.

When my son was about two years, moved to a new apartment. And at a new place in the family were to happen, which can be attributed to almost all classes of anomalies.

Some invisible accosted a boy — beat him on the back and on the cheeks pinched. Complaints son parents asked who annoys him, and the kid kept saying the same thing — his grandfather with a beard. What a grandfather? Small. In a white shirt. Easy to guess, how should these allegations parents — modern adults. Even the therapist's son led. That, without thinking twice, said that he had such a mind. Not sick, they say, but on the fantasy never mind. Still, Allen decided to rearrange Vanina bed (this is where it is most often tweaked) to another place. Harassment declined, and after a while, "grandfather" was even protect the baby, because the apartment has another ghost — a large black dog with a strange head like a human. Usually only saw her baby. Therefore, parents of the child to the stories about the latest incident to respond, on the advice of the therapist as a childish notion.

But the time came when the mother herself face to face with a ghost. Night without turning on the light, she went into the bedroom Vanina to see if he did not open during sleep. The room was in semi-darkness by the light from the street. Perhaps that is why on the floor beside the bed Alain saw the dark a great spot. It was easy to discern that the crib next to her son lay … big black dog. Do not believe it, they say, his eyes, his mother leaned over to get a better look of her, and at that moment the dog jumped on it.

Alain screamed in fright. It is not surprising — after all at the same time with the movement of the dog knows where the undertaken is clearly felt, as her legs flopped something soft and heavy, like a bulging bag of rags. Of course, this case has forced parents to pay more attention to the stories of his son. And they gradually changed.

Soon the son told his parents that "little white grandfather" fought with the dog, when she once again came "out of the wall," and chased her. Since then, the dog occasionally tried to "look at the guests," but the invisible defender always show up, and immediately took a ghost again — disappeared into the wall.

The existence of ghosts and goblins consciousness of modern man takes still more easily, and parents gradually become accustomed to the fact that the share living space with someone else (and even to some extent were grateful to this "someone" for what son gradually became keep calm, do not panic and do not shout). But what was to happen later, caused a new wave of anxiety for her son.

Started coming to him by aliens, even at the time of implant placed. This has already been told, so we will not repeat itself, but it is now quite safe to assume that the chip implant is playing a positive role. Intervention curators (will continue to call them so, because with any degree of certainty can not say to what race or community they belong) was aimed at regulating the boy's health. He improved it and restore hearing.

Curators are not left unattended Vanya. Does not seem to leave it to this day. In any case, the child is often shared with her mother the details of regular trips with them. Here are some of them.

At one time he was unlucky at every step — stumbled naparyvalsya the corners and finally fell drastically and a concussion. I had a few days to give him a bed rest. In one of those nights he was again taken away somewhere "uncle." Too high, but dressed, however, were in the dark skinny, like tights, overalls. While the boy brought aboard, grumbled: "Something you took to fall!"

Ivan, when they came for him "uncle", tried to call her, but she did not hear — watching TV. Next room had a brother, but he was fast asleep.

This time the journey took place the usual route, that is, through the doors. The door was a metal exterior. One of the "uncle" got an object resembling a pipe on short, direct to the door lock, he snapped, and she opened the door. Stood near the entrance … normal car.

Curators with Vanya got into it and go somewhere. We then asked the boy, as they are — so much — in the car fit? In response, sounded a note of condescension easy: "They're not like us. They can be compressed, and place it wherever you want. "

To "machine" they came to the "ship" in aluminum. Its dimensions are, of course, a six-year kid could result in meters, but the comparison with the surrounding objects showed that the object was quite impressive dimensions: width from the pavement, the height of a 3-storey house, the length of "as our home," ie, 200 meters. This ship was the windows, square hatches open as shutters (ie parted). At daybreak dusk was all clearly visible. It is interesting that this ship ran a chain of people ("aunts and uncles") mostly middle-aged. Older he could not remember in the queue, but the kids were. When asked what were these people said, "How do we" — adding that they had some kind of sleepy and moved a few jolts. The chain disappeared inside. Ago, no one came out.

Apparently, curators Wani not disliked his talkative mother, who shared the details to his son, not only with us but also with various healers, psychologists, in short — to many.

As the age of six, he even once uttered in the hearts of her, they say, you tell all, and me "uncle" for this abuse! Nothing else is going to say!

However, Alain is quite understandable. Especially great knowledge at that time it did not have to read spetsliteraturu was once, so try different people, who came to her on the way, to answer the question of what happens to her son. I must say that his inexperience in communicating, she often put her son in a risky position, trusting his secret random, and sometimes self-serving people. For those who did not mind that he borrowed this baby gift. For those who wanted to remove from the way future competitor (healing — this is also a business.) For those who just wanted to "heal" the child drowning in it at the root of all his extraordinary abilities and zapihnuv thereby consciousness beyond the usual corny stereotypes about "healthy person". Yes, and she hardly took Allen to his son as a "flying", "the guys" and the other planets, as well as his own psychic abilities.

It would be strange if the baby goes on and on trusting to tell all your observations and experiences. I have already at school age, angry for the next podkovyrki mother and older brother, he said that "uncle" had come in almost every day, from one to five. They have something to tell him, but then do so, that he had forgotten.

It is to this circumstance is worth special attention. It would seem strange — to provide information and make a person so that the person it was immediately forgotten. But what happens in the majority of human and alien contact. Have to use special techniques to people remembered what happened to him. However strange it may seem at first glance. If you're familiar with the works ever on hypnosis, remember examples of what the "forgotten" suggestion operates no less effective than the one that remains in the memory of the experimental. Here is an example of the practice. Hypnotist gave the woman set a specific time to get up and put on a jacket hypnotist, and the derivation of the hypnotic state told to forget this suggestion (but not cancel it!). So on the eve of the appointed time, with a thirty-heat in the room, the woman began to shiver shiver, then said that terribly cold and, sorry … wearing a jacket hypnotist. That is, the human mind thus "regulate" state of the body in order to somehow justify the need to perform actions imposed.

Assuming that the UFO phenomenon, the mechanism that is similar to a hypnotic, it is fairly safe to assume that people with a "hidden" memory will behave exactly the way they need to be curators. By the way, are exposed to such "erase" often complain of poor memory, and Vanya is no exception.

That boy really somewhere traveling at night, the mother had no time to make sure the experience. Once, for example, Allen woke up in the night (she slept with Vanya) from their son stile through it on the floor. When asked to the toilet if he said, "I have to go." His face had a strange, somewhat frozen (quite strong degree of trance), eyes fixed on the window, and he moved like clockwork mechanism, stubbornly trying to go to the window. Without knowing why, Allen grabbed him and would not let the little window. Struggle ensued. What is interesting in the room was light, as it happens just before sunrise. She looked at the clock. It was about three o'clock in the morning. In winter, this time outside the window blind darkness. Now, however, could be seen even the clock. And not such a light, as if from the street lights shine machine, and just all around a light — and in the room and on the street. But then the light disappeared. Ivan immediately ceased to be spring tension, relaxed, relaxed, but then he threw a tantrum, screaming at her that she "ruined everything."

After about two weeks after the event in the morning we again called Alarmed Alain. Again at night in the apartment was light (this time Ivan was sleeping). On the part of the window appeared, she decided, the robot — dark clothes, soft-fitting jacket, blond hair to the tips of the ears, bright eyes, the iris as if without pupil face maskopodobnoe, growth — to the top of the window. Attracted the attention of a strange piece of clothing — pants to the knee extended below the knee — a common tights. On the breast of all illuminated "dial", which she clearly saw the shooter. "Metallic" voice that "robot" of something much told her voice teacher. She remembered only the main points. First, its an insult that he disrespectfully called us "special". So, all people are "special", and Vanya — not "special". It biologically — "your", and energy — "them." It lies some information, but it is still encrypted. When the time comes, the brain will be unlocked, and it will perform some his destiny. In the meantime, do not have to talk about it and not have to investigate it. Even frightened that if they stick to it interesting to research, you may have to remove him from the earthly plane (well, of course, an accident — and the child is not present). Robot disappeared, as if gradually dissolved.

When comparing the different stories it seems that "a visit" to this family frequented different aliens. Most of those who protects and supports the baby, helping him to recover from illness. These curators have almost human ethical qualities, and at a fairly high level. Inherent in them, and a sense of humor (at one point said: "Be strong, man, hit harder — harder you will!") Was they tried to protect the child from unnecessary educational push to destroy in him by his natural abilities. And their capabilities are such that they can be easy enough to make suggestions, not only Van, but also his family.

Here is an example. Allen once worked the night shift. During operation, she felt bad nausea, severe headache, aching temples, back of the head. Barely crawled to a chair and collapsed as if forgotten. Hears a voice — not understood, male or female. Voice very clearly became her mentor once again, there is no need of Vani do "what you want, leave it alone, let it be the way it is. It now … "- and she showed chick recently hatched from an egg, not even obsoh. They said he is like this, and will be so for a long time. But we should not force the issue and intervene in the process of its formation. And then he would be — and it showed adult beautiful swan (as in the dream before the advent of Vanya at the light). Alain awake. Headache almost gone.

And not once, but many times it looked like it — not the mistress of the child, and should not educational "break to pieces" it on your own, and it only keeper.

Other visitors — unusual even in the eyes of a boy accustomed to everything and not very friendly to the human race. For example, one day came two — high, but not to the ceiling, and the like to the window frame. Strange in appearance. They were very tall, big foreheads, bright eyes. One blonde hair (haircut plain, as our men) and the other bald. They told him that the Earth — not ours, but theirs. The planet on which they live now, they call to call, and yet it is called "the first planet", and our earth is called Zuma, or else — "second planet". The first planet the size of Earth, older, there is less of our attraction, but otherwise both planets are very similar. We compare them with the ants, do not take seriously and in contact with us is not included. They say that earthlings once then held a "cleansing" and can pass the disease through light (Vanya did not understand how it is …). They are, they say, are very strong and wise, and we are against them the bugs (they said so yourself).

And there are all sorts of alien, which focus on it, then do not pay. One day he went to bed, but not asleep, and almost two hours to watch two adults quite uninvited guests rise just over a meter. One was sitting half-turned to the table brother (Ivan protested because he did not even put the pants lying on the chair, and sat down on them), and writing. The other was sitting on his haunches beside the piano. In his hand was a box with wires and suction cups, which he put to the piano and something else to do. In short, Van bothered to look at them, and he called his mother. Appearance of these visitors did not shine: the nose large, convex, down seemingly little bent, and his mouth … long thought finally found rejoicing over, said: "As in the cartoon," and pointed that it is big, almost from ear to ear.

The presence of the curators was constant. Explain to the boy that he is not all can in this life, it is because they have to help him. And, according to them, everything is so secretive that no medical tests we do not find any third-party influence. Although blood is investigated, although technique is applied to computers.

Way of life formed the boy is not straightforward. Always good to give sports — swimming, running (he even gave the school of Olympic reserve), and more — music. Vanya showed perfect pitch. But, true musician, he still did not. And for the rest of his subjects success was not always great. Alternated periods when the baby was no good, with periods of sharp increase in performance. In the preparatory group of the kindergarten teacher who worked with him, even wanted to take the baby immediately to her, so it was pleasing his successes and his conscientious attitude to employment.

Ivan went to high school. Learning difficulties were not so much with the understanding of the subject, how many again with paranormal abilities Wani. He once complained to my mother that in the class of "all the senses", ie knows in advance who will do what and what to say. From classmates during the performance of tasks Vanya felt like "a breeze." Of course, it was not a draft — the child "could hear them think." Not surprisingly, the focus of their jobs to him was not easy, because the whole cacophony around the thoughts of others, followed by the voice of the teacher is often lost, as in normal street noise.

And one even said Ivan in frustration, "Mom, I do not know what was happening to me. I keep seeing myself from the outside, as if I have two, and one observes the others. " Naturally, the technology of modern education is designed to account only in one direction — to the board and the teacher's voice. A similar only ones in the school system do not fit somehow. However, high school was now behind him, the first time he went to college.

But, apart from the ordinary school, it turns out, Vanya has visited and classes in "zareale."

These classes began closer to school age, and the severity of subjects taught in the "school zarealnoy" items gradually increased. Sometimes he would tell his mother that, before going to sleep, he does not actually fall asleep, but it turns out in the classroom lectures. Location of these audiences in our usual waking consciousness of reality can not be determined because they are somewhere in the "Looking Glass", but, nevertheless, the training was (and continues) completely systematic, knowledge — quite affordable and necessary, and the lectures are quite conclusive. Among other participants, Vanya acquainted with anatomy and reflexology, with the device of the universe and much more than. Well, parapsychology has not gone away. For example, at the age of 12 years old Vanya taught "upset." The question: "So, you've been taught to cry, or what?" — Replied: "No, just me, is three." Then there was taught to walk through walls, through fire, manage their energy …

Mother was very difficult, almost impossible to believe that the son tells the truth. Until one day she found herself there … Fell asleep (a characteristic that is perceived quite as reality), she realized that he was on another planet. The nature of the earth's slightly different, and the architecture too. Attracted the attention of stained glass — glass inserts, iridescent variety of colors of the rainbow.

Alain surrounded bunch of kids. There were very young, and young men and women for eighteen years. Surprisingly, their gait was seen as very light, sometimes even a little youth was flying through the air. "And you yourself, then get on the scale …" — someone threw a remark to her. Alena weight was exactly seven pounds. I tried to jump up in the air and — hang on for a while. The flight was an indescribable feeling.

The children told her that at this school is and Vanya — he learns with them. What did they learn? She was told to look at. The street was a pile of garbage. A boy of sixteen force sight moved all the garbage in the bins, and all at once became clear. Then willpower gathered in the sky clouds poured rain (Allen even ran back to his cap, so as not to get wet), but the boy around the square of asphalt was dry. Then he took the seeds, if just dropped out of hand, but they flew smoothly where you want — in the flowerbeds. Over all this was created dome light, and after a short time the seeds sprouted.

Allen was surprised: "What you're young!" She explained that age — is a disease of imperfect people. People are born with it and pass the genes inherited. But people still too early to know and to use that knowledge. Shown and some other tools and opportunities — Alain not remember everything. And it is strongly advised not to put pressure on his son psychologically, not to distort its development (such a feature is really present in the family education).

Then, against the background of the sky, as on the silver screen, the old man's face appeared. Sounded beautiful music. She said: "It is our great teacher." Allen wondered why he did not say. She explained that the people of this world do not speak — they communicate telepathically. They talk the same only with people or with their children during the games.

Then accompanied her (it turned out that she had a guide in the world) said, "It's time" — and she immediately woke up in his bed.

Sometimes Vanya events occur that cause parents (and us along with them) pretty poperezhivat for this extraordinary child. Above we talked about the space-time anomalies, getting to that, people can move from the familiar to us in some other world. Usually, those "travel between the worlds" by accident. Not escaped such trips and Vanya.

One day he was walking home from school. He was a still in elementary school, so the parents saw him every day. But in this day and a bit late father came to the school for about fifteen minutes later. The guys were gone, Ivan also left. The father came home that way, they usually walked home from school, on the road looking for, do not go there with a son. Son he never saw.

His house, too, was not there. Thinking that he had gone to someone of my friends (although this habit, the boy was not), his father sent his older brother around all the comrades who might be Vanya. But, again, the boy was not there, including on the street. After searching the entire quarter, but came to call the police, at a quarter to five as the doorbell rang. Vanya came not tired, neat. When asked where he had been so long, surprised replied, "where? I was walking home from school. " — "Where did you go?" — "Did not go anywhere." My parents did not believe him, but did not punish the child, after a long conversation with us, in which we gave examples such as "disappearances" cases with different people around the world at all times.

The next such event took place a year later, in the winter when it gets dark early. This time, he came home at twenty minutes past five. And again — supposedly just went home. Truth telling, Vanya himself surprised. The fact is that when he went to the arch of his home, in the street high sun shines brightly, and when I came out of the arch, the street was already quite dark. Transition between these states do not remember or did not realize. The first thing any parent there one single version — lying! But Vanya is surprisingly honest and peremptory, even when the honest answer is it does not help. In addition, there were several such cases with the temporary disappearance of the Vani.

This family is, indeed, throughout his family history is faced with a variety of paranormal phenomena. By poltergeist, in its various forms of the family have become so accustomed, almost oblivious when themselves begin to slam the door, light comes on, a stove, or, conversely, to turn on tap, from which the water begins to beat. Periodically the apartment goes some invisible but very "sound", sometimes these invisible manage the master's property as if it were — their own. For example, some days all linen exerted taken out of a locked cabinet (at home at that time no one was) and stacked in neat piles on the bed or on the floor. And the "invisible" carefully disassembled into separate piles bedding and personal belongings.

Watching a bunch of anomalies in this family, we inevitably have a question — if only to have it start? We were right in their assumptions. Great-great-great-grandfather was a gypsy Alena shaman. His daughter, also owned a shamanic art, loved one eminent merchant and stayed with him. A daughter. When she was a year old, his mother went back to the camp, and the girl was left to be brought up with his father. This girl, grandmother Alena became famous healer. Known so that the help of her traveling with other townships. She was a healer, treated by methods of manual therapy, felt and saw the land, to diagnose people who have a high degree of clairvoyance. Alain she loved and stood out among all his relatives, even wanted to give her his art, but this was strongly opposed grandmother Alena — the daughter of her great-grandmother.

Yet before dying grandmother managed to pass Alain old book and rosary. The book was thick on the front side — a massive convex gilt cross. Ancient language of the book is written, but Alain somehow knew what it says (the girl was 15 years old.) Alain book does not even read properly, much less applied the fact that it was written (not even remember now what it was, and the name). But the book is not long belonged Allen. Fraud and extortion it away strangers. Rosary is somewhere lost. So it did not meet their expectation Alain grandmother. But now, when Alain difficult things in life, she seeks advice from her, and she comes in a dream. Advice helps explain why there was an event, and how best to behave in a problematic situation. Sometimes just a comfort …

It may not be coincidence that in their family was born this unusual child. After all psychic powers have, to varying degrees, all members of the genus Alona and some members of the genus Alexis (his great-grandmother was also a well-known healer, and Alexei himself experienced as a child is from the category of poltergeists that still tells a slight tremor). However, and as an adult had unusual situation. Once again, very tired at work, he went to sleep, as they say, dead asleep. His wife was doing something there, but he did not wake up. And my husband, not waking up, suddenly quickly and confidently spoke in an unknown language. This language was a lot of hissing, humming, whistling sounds. Language is not similar to the European or the east. Wife of fright (what is this going on with my husband!) Began to wake him, he opened his eyes did not understand, and then closed again spoke, sometimes podhihikivaya like talking to someone.

Materialized twin brother appeared several times in the apartment was in my room … Although he, checking call to where he really was, and … He really was in another place. And saw him not only family members — father, grandmother, and neighbor girl.

Gennady Belimov

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