Indigo children.

Until recently, science has believed that Homo Sapiens — is the highest degree of evolution of life on Earth.

However, it is likely that now is the development of our own species. This is the so-called children

The concept of "eIndigo Children are"Was first used by the American psychic and Nancy Ann Tappe sinestetikom in 1982 in his book" How to understand life through color. " In a study of the aura * unusual children revealed that they have it in dark blue — indigo.

*Aura (Latin aura — a breath of a breeze, breath) — a manifestation of the soul and spirit, visible in extrasensory perception, luminous envelope surrounding the human body.

Indigo Children
literally all different from the usual presentation of the children. They are imaginative, more independent, stung by the loneliness and confusion. They exhibit a unique phenomenon and talents are different from other unusual course of action, do not like to obey and do not seek to conquer. They are admired, fear and curiosity. They — it is a mystery of nature. So who are the indigo children?

How do they look?

These unique individuals can be recognized by sight — he was bright, wise, soulful. If ordinary babies in the first months of life are not yet able to focus his eyes, Indigo Children can not only focus on individual subjects and stare at them, but after a while begin to think about the fate of the world to show their unique talents in various fields. Suffice it to recall the boy, who is 5 years old has mastered the entire world repertoire of works for violin and at the same age with the orchestra has performed adult musicians as first violin.

What are their powers?

Abilities that have Indigo Children,
truly phenomenal.

Vernadsky predicted that in the XXI century, a person learns to communicate with the noosphere, and that the only channel of communication is intuition. The main feature of the Indigo children is that in the process of learning about the world they use intuition (as opposed to the usual logic of trial and error), through which information is obtained over than that, what would be the only true and most effective in a given situation.

In addition, people with aura indigo can telepathically communicate with each other, either directly or from a distance. Indigo,
as X-rays, can see internal organs, they are able to read a book or even palms feet. They can recall in detail his past life and even get information from the noosphere — the information field of the planet, as well as from space.

Some of the Indigos have a special immunity. Thus, in the early nineties of the XX century in the United States among HIV-infected parents boy. According to the results of the initial test, the child was infected. However, the analysis made in his six years of age, showed that the virus disappeared. Furthermore, subsequent studies have yielded surprising results: the boy taken from the cell, despite the impact of different viruses have not remained immune. Scientists then decided to conduct a DNA analysis. Human DNA contains 64 codons — the carrier of genetic information, and constantly "work" of which only 20. It turned out that the boy worked 24 codons — ie 4 codon more than the average person.

What they have in common?

American psychologist Lee Carroll in his book "Indigo Children"Described four types of children
Indigo and their life of the program:

1. Humanists. In the future they will become doctors, lawyers, teachers, sailors, businessmen, politicians, scientists. Children of this type are extremely sociable, can lead a long and friendly conversation with anyone on any subject. They are hyperactive, and therefore awkward. As a child, they do not understand how you can play with just one toy. They shake out the contents of all the boxes, and then can either play or do not need no touch. Get them to clean the room next to impossible.

2. Conceptualist. The most common type. This future engineers, architects, designers, astronauts, soldiers, pilots and travelers. Children of this type have a good physique, agility, desires and inclinations of leaders. As a child, the object of control boys often become their own mothers, girls — fathers. If they lose their parents, it enables them to further problems in their lives. Such
Indigo in adolescence tend to have bad habits, particularly to drugs. Parents should observe their behavior very closely, and when they start to hide things or say something like "do not go to my room," does not prevent to find out what they're hiding.

3. Artists. Today is the smallest type. Indigo of this type is difficult to survive in the modern world. They are very sensitive and vulnerable, have an elegant physique. No matter what area of human activity they asked, always remain creative. If they go into medicine, they make good surgeons. In art, they are outstanding actors. At the age of 4-10 years "artists" may try myself in a half dozen kinds of creative activities, learn to play simultaneously on five or six different instruments, but, having reached adolescence, choose one of them and achieve a high degree of skill.

4. Living in all dimensions. Indigo this type can be bullies and bullies because they are much larger than those in the other three types, and are not able to adapt. These kids know everything about everything. Already in the infancy of their parents preach to all and always try to do it yourself. Of these know-alls grow prominent individuals. These are the people who are new to the world of philosophy and the new religions.

When the first INDIGO?

The first Indigo children began to be born at the end of the 70 years of the twentieth century. Then they had one. In the 80's, they were 15%. Since then, their numbers are increasing. By some estimates, now on our planet about 60 million Indigo. Official statistics on this point does not exist. Psychologist Irina Gryaznov provides these figures today of 50 — ¬ summer indigo — 1% of 30 year olds — 10, and of 12-year-olds — 25%.

What is their mission?

Return to the world of the lost harmony — that's the purpose of residence Indigo on our planet. Even in ancient Greece at the gate of the temple of Apollo at Delphi was inscribed "Know thyself." Looks like Indigo came to Earth in order to fulfill this covenant, to enter into the worlds of his own consciousness and capacity to master his mind: to learn to control his thoughts and feelings, to control the operation of thin bioenergetic structures — and teach it to other people. At least those who will able to accept new knowledge.

What is different from the ordinary person INDIGO?

People with an indigo aura — internally contradictory personality. They combine a love for people and aggression, innocence and quirky, passionate desire for knowledge and a complete lack of interest in others. They do not recognize the authority and do not want to follow the rules. They have a strong sense of self-worth, which often annoys others.

Something that attracts attention Indigo and is of particular interest, they understand and assimilate perfectly. In addition, they are well versed in digital technologies.

At Indigo different view of reality. Sometimes they offer a completely unexpected and innovative solutions to problems that others do not see.

The reverse side of non-standard
Indigo — It is their helplessness in everyday life.


Despite its uniqueness, Indigo are not without problems.

Indigo may withdraw into themselves, and the reason — lack of understanding of their surroundings. Despite his great intellectual capacity, they had difficulty mastering the school general curriculum. According to its own internal criteria,
share the knowledge they need to and unnecessary — and flatly refuse to accept the past. Difficult for them to take exams — they do not understand why they have to report to someone.

They are worse than adapt to society, not taking behaviors, refusing to "correct" and "admit their mistakes."

The most important thing for Indigo — is be around their own kind.

INDIGO CAN do harm?

Indigo themselves are not dangerous, they do not pursue destructive purposes. However, if the world rejects them, trying to impose non-core behavior or punish them, Indigo will respond aggressively. In the past, the U.S. and Europe have been four similar cases: children shot their classmates and teachers. Argued that all the children were Indigo.
Wednesday did not take them — and they retaliated.

Indigo can also cause an aggressive reaction Indigo. Regain his confidence after this extremely difficult and sometimes impossible.

Indigo observant and intelligent, they know their parents and weaknesses of others, and can use this to manipulate. However, they do not feel remorse. Indigo sure what to send to earth with a special mission, and if they are hurt, they will stop at nothing.


One of the modern indigo — Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom, who played elf Legolas in the "Lord of the Rings" and Will Turner in "Pirates of the Caribbean". Bloom was born in the UK January 13, 1977. His mother was an extraordinary woman and varied: she tried her hand at prose, ran a language school for foreign students in business. Orlando has lost his father in the age of four. Therefore, to help her mother in the upbringing of young Orlando and his sister was a family friend, Colin Stone (mother later admitted that he was the biological father of Orlando). Help is really needed, and serious — in childhood dyslexia Orlando: lively and clever guy very difficult to read and not very well-spoken, although it coped with mathematical tasks. Fortunately, he had many other interests: photography, theater, horseback riding. Orlando soon began his acting career by participating in school productions. At twenty, he first appeared on the silver screen in the film "Wilde" and played before in several television series. And from 2002 ("The Lord of the Rings"), it was waiting for the real glory. Amazing coincidence: Orlando Bloom — indigo, not only in the psychological sense, it is also his astrological color.

Of indigo is also known as an actress Oksana Akinshina, actor and TV host Ivan Urganta, pianist Polina Ossetia, composer Igor Vdovin, journalist Yevgeny Kiselyov.

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