Innalabs designs and manufactures navigation systems — vibrating quartz accelerometers and gyroscopes

Established in 2001 on the basis of the Novosibirsk Scientific Center, Russia, the company Innalabs today includes three offices in three countries — the United States, Ukraine and Russia.
Innalabs team performs the task of designing, manufacturing, marketing and sales of vibrating gyroscopes and accelerometers around the world, competing on an equal footing in the markets of high-tech products with well-known companies such as Boeing, Honeywell, BAE, Northrop, etc.

The company's products:

Vibrating quartz accelerometers
Vibrating quartz accelerometers

Application: commercial (civil) navigation, orientation and stabilization system (SINS — Strapdown Inertial Navigation Systems, IMU — inertial measurement unit, and heading), provide increased accuracy specifications of these systems needed in areas such as air, sea and land navigation, control and control of various moving objects. Technical characteristics

Quartz vibrating gyros are one-, two-, and three-axis analog angular rate sensors, which use a technology based on the Coriolis
Quartz vibrating gyros are one-, two-, and three-axis analog angular rate sensors, which use a technology based on the Coriolis

Application: strapdown navigation systems, robotics, agriculture, and to stabilize the moving objects, such as autonomous vehicles, antennas, platforms, radars, etc. Specifications

New Design: Solid State Coriolis vibratory gyroscope (CVG) INL-CVG, which is based on the management of the two standing waves in the physical body - the cavity, which can be both axisymmetric and non-axisymmetric.
New Design: Solid State Coriolis vibratory gyroscope (CVG) INL-CVG, which is based on the management of the two standing waves in the physical body — the cavity, which can be both axisymmetric and non-axisymmetric.

Application: Stabilization systems for platforms, Antennas, opto-electronics, vehicles, autonomous systems and appliances (remotely managed systems, electric carts and platforms, autonomous and remotely operated underwater vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles); cistemy air navigation, and control: ISS ( inertial measurement units), BINS, BINS + GPS (inertial navigation system), the heading reference.
Preliminary specifications.

May 30, 2010: Innovative company Innalabs received investment from a venture fund "New Technologies", created with the participation of RVC.
Developed by InnaLabs solid vibrating gyro (HRG) is unique in its kind on set of characteristics — accuracy parameters, the size of the design, the production cost. In contrast, optical gyroscopes, vibrating gyroscopes are resistant to vibration and shock, and do not have a rotating, optical, laser and micro-mechanical components.

"The simplicity and reliability of the TVG define its low cost and relatively small investment of resources for the implementation and production support. Because of this gyros, technology-based InnaLabs, in the coming years will amount to significant competition fiber optic and laser gyroscopes, — Notes Dmitri Simonenko, Founder and President InnaLabs. — Currently, the leading gyroscopic of the world are in continuous search of cheaper existing technologies without loss of accuracy characteristics. Technology proposed by InnaLabs, can make a significant leap in that direction. "

Innovative developments InnaLabs have a wide scope in navigation systems for civil aircraft, ground vehicles, ships, aircraft guidance systems, underwater and surface vehicles, satellites and trucks, drilling, and stabilization systems antennas, optical, and laser systems.

"The use of low-cost, small-size and high-precision gyroscopes and vibration control systems based on them will expand the market of small and unmanned aircraft, — Comments Yan Ryazantsev, Director of Investments Department of JSC "Russian Venture Company". — The development of satellite navigation and telecommunications civilian requires the implementation of small-scale and low-cost satellites, each of which is equipped with an orientation in space, which in turn consists of a gyro sensor. In this case, vibrating gyroscopes InnaLabs be technically able to be used in space and operate stably at high levels of radiation. "

"InnaLabs is unique not only for Russia. Within a few years of its existence the company has managed to do the impossible: to create a unique niche product, superior quality not only Russian but also foreign counterparts. Wealth of scientific and technological baggage allows us to compete on the European, Asian and American markets. It is truly a global company, the co-operatives to create products involved units located in Russia, the USA and Ukraine. InnaLabs already received offers to launch specialized factories for the production of gyroscopes in Southeast Asia and the European Union"- Said Maxim Shekhovtsov, Managing director of venture capital funds «Allianz ROSNO Asset Management."

Partner and co-investor Innalabs also a legendary figure — Bill Newton, founder of the world famous venture capital fund Sequoia, one of the founders of Silicon Valley. Experts believe that the participation of Bill Newton in the draft dictated confidence in the professionalism of the founders, has repeatedly proven ability to build successful international company. Also important is the high potential market, which caters Innalabs.

In an interview with "business magazines" DMITRY SIMONENKO admits: "the world is still not used to the fact that in RUSSIA COULD MAKE SOMETHING REALLY WORTH. THE SOFTWARE IS EASIER. Our programmers — it is BRAND. THIS IS A high-tech products that you can touch with your hands until not quoted. "

Entrepreneur knows what he is talking about. It is today the demand for high-precision gyroscopes, which produces Symonenko created a few years ago, the company InnaLabs, presents not only the Russian defense industry, but global giants. But he started it with the software. In the 90th, right after school, Siberian Dmitri went to study in the United States. At the university, and some time after graduation engineer communicator future entrepreneur, a car salesman and even delivered pizzas (an American classic!) To make a study. And along the way trying to find a promising area for the application of force.

The first such niche has become increasingly popular cell phones. On the part of the American company Symonenko participated in the launch of a network of one of the first Russian operator "Sonnet". The cal
endar was in 1998, and began another round boom — boom of the Internet. All around literally raved about the World Wide Web, and the coming collapse of the dotcom no one would believe. Together with his friend Alexei Kandikovym who worked in Novosibirsk, Symonenko decided to try their luck here and created by Plesk, providing services for the development of websites. However, it soon became clear: to write code kilometers — a boring lesson. And most importantly, is not the most profitable. And the competition day by day arrived.

Where to look more attractive development of software tools that provide building sites and their management. In the fast-growing segment of the partners have achieved notable success. Already in 2000 Kandikov and Symonenko received an offer to sell their established company. However, "access to the money," it was decided to postpone. Only three years later, Plesk, significantly expanding the product line and increasing its market share, became part of the company, now known under the name of Parallels. And then the company founded by Sergey Belousov, was called differently — SWSoft. Alexei Kandikov remained to work in the combined business. Symonenko same in 2004, resigned as a member of the board of directors and left in the "free floating". It seems that the inner "gyroscope" signaled: you need to move forward!

Small gyro, but the roads

Strictly speaking, the history of the startup — a real anthem examination, this timeless and much-needed companion of any venture project — the examination of scientific, technological, market, management, legal. At all stages of the development of analysis of prospects, possible "forks" and the dangers conducted carefully, and most importantly — very timely. Perhaps that is why today the company Dmitri Simonenko — one of the most promising Russian startups, preparing for a decisive breakthrough on the world stage.

Even before the sale of Plesk I became interested in the gaming industry, — Says Dmitry Symonenko. — I have always considered myself a "software" person, and suddenly drawn to the "hardware." I was one invention — an inertial sensor that can be used in video game consoles. A year before Nintendo launched its platform Wii, I went to Tokyo, showing the development of people from Sony. But the counter they showed no interest, so I decided to explore the market.

HEAD OF BUSINESS DMITRY SIMONENKO — BALANCE. HIS COMPANY CREATES HIGH INNALABS GYROSCOPES capable of detecting minute changes in the position of the object. While this is the piece goods, BUT OWNER IS CONFIDENT THAT WILL SOON to mass-produce.

Work to identify demand have led to an unexpected result: Symonenko had obtained and successfully execute a large order of U.S. army wanted to create a system that allows a process of training soldiers to pinpoint exactly where directed weapons. And then there was one client who also needed a high-precision gyro. A thorough examination of the market, held an entrepreneur, showed: a segment of gyroscopes developed rapidly. And manufacturers producing small devices of this sort (today gyroscopes equip phones and communicators), was rife. That's just the accuracy of the product is poor.

Were very active and suppliers that produce precision machinery. However, the high cost of their products (up to ten thousand dollars or more), as well as considerable weight and dimensions of decent crosses out a number of possible applications. After all, for example, stabilization systems used on unmanned aerial vehicles short-range or security cameras require small but precise gyroscopes. — Beginning "dig out" the market, I found out: customers are already spending hundreds of millions of dollars. A simple calculation showed that demand may grow five or six times, and instantly — if you omit the "price tag."

The role of the candidate in the bestsellers Symonenko took vibratory gyroscope. They were quite petite, not afraid of external radiation and magnetic fields. However, despite all of its advantages, such devices were very expensive. "Blame" were the materials used and the complexity of the design. The next stage of technological expertise allowed to grope out: it was necessary to simplify the device. And this problem was solved. The main element (its design called "ringing") made of a brittle glass, could be replaced by iron.

Changed its form, as well as all surrounding equipment. "We turned … idiotically simple device to another definition just does not pick up, — Smiling businessman. — If in the normal gyro 141 part, our — only 5. As a result, cost — in proportion to peers. " But miracles do not happen. The development of "idiotically simple device" that had 6 years and millions of dollars that Dmitry was rescued after the sale of Plesk. Now it was necessary to move on. And for this they needed money again.

Need a plant

Today InnaLabs produces gyros only in small quantities. Affected by the lack of capacities: the production deployed in several laboratories. "The need for such gyroscopes in the tens of thousands of units per year, — says Dmitry Symonenko. — I could "with acceleration", later this year, to sell gyroscopes to 20 million dollars, and in the near future to increase the annual turnover of 120 million. " But in order to become a fairy tale come true, you need a factory. Works well — is, first of all, investment, and second, place. — Strictly speaking, the plant can be built anywhere — said Simonenko.

— And believe me, I would love to develop production in Russia. But if the state support. However, there are other problems. For example, Russia is still not perceived as a country that can be produced quality stuff. Here is the programming is another matter. Now our programmers are valued. Another complication — customers. They have Simonenko "long-term". They need stability and reliability of the supplier. After all, if something happens to the plant (eg, for whatever reasons, will stop output), customers will have to rebuild the entire production process. Today Dmitry talks with the famous firm Sikorsky.

The company, which manufactures helicopters, is ready to give up one of its suppliers and switch to using gyroscopes InnaLabs — much cheaper. "There are several other proposals from the organizations of the same size — reveals the card Symonenko. — But they need to, first of all, to see the factory where everything is done according to international standards, and secondly, to obtain guarantees uninterrupted supply. How to comply with all these conditions in Russia, I, unfortunately, do not know. " One of the options — building a plant in Turkey. Among the advantages — cheap labor provided economic benefits, as well as proximity to key markets.

However, the entrepreneur has another idea — to build a plant is not alone, and having secured financial support solid clients. The benefit is mutual: InnaLabs receive not only the plant, but also the "final" of a large customer, and partner will secure a steady stream of gyroscopes and license them in a single country. Symonenko is counting on this model, including its innovative. And most importantly, this approach increases the chances to build a factory in Russia. "If the government had turned to face us, — says the entrepreneur — and said, let us take with you a license to Russia, we'll give you some money together and build a plant — believe me, I would first love to come to this option!"

Well, this development is not excluded. Over the past six months I InnaLabs has several large orders from Russian companies. "In our country now does not create a new gyroscopes — explains Symonenko. — What is available — this is the Soviet developmen
t. Russia — a huge market that we can take. " Why the state should be interested in the possibility of a partnership with InnaLabs? Not least because the majority of domestic consumers gyroscopes are somehow connected with the war industry. A military-industrial complex is very sensitive to the country of origin of components.

Dmitri Simonenko said that his company has remained small thing to cross the chasm that separates the laboratory sample from the industrial standardized instrument. Especially, the financial problems are solved. For support entrepreneur turned to venture capital investors, chose to fund the "New Technology" under the Criminal Code "Alliance ROSNO Asset Management", formed with the participation of the Russian Venture Capital Company (RVC) — the state fund of venture capital funds — and the World Bank. It is the "New Technology" and have invested in the project about 160 million rubles. Why is the Russian Symonenko preferred fund, although there have been other proposals for investment, including from abroad?

In INNALABS LAUGH: THE YEARS spent on research not been in vain. The Company has received the "idiotically simple device." IF ordinary gyroscope 141 PART, THE RUSSIAN — TOTAL 5. IN TOTAL COST — proportional to peers.

— Do not think that this is an empty pathos, — says an innovator — but I do believe in the rise of a new domestic economy. That's why I came back from the United States and started a new business in Russia. And if I had asked the Western venture funds, it is likely that they would "fix" our technology to its market, and we would no longer be able to sell their products to Russia. And I would very much not like. "

In addition, the fund "New technologies" InnaLabs offered the most favorable terms. So now the head of the company has high hopes for the effect of "smart money". In particular, support for domestic investors to help build productive links InnaLabs on the Russian market. — InnaLabs — a unique project not only for Russia — said the managing director of the venture capital fund of the Criminal Code «Allianz ROSNO Asset Management" Maxim Shekhovtsov. — For several years the company has managed to create a unique niche product, superior quality not only Russian but also foreign counterparts.

Scientific and technological baggage allows her to compete on the European, Asian and American markets. It is a truly international company: the co-operatives to create products already involved units located in Russia, the USA and Ukraine. In addition, InnaLabs received a proposal to launch specialized factories for the production of gyroscopes in South-East Asia and the European Union. " However, it was not without foreigners. Co-investor and consultant of the project was Bill Newton, the founder of the world famous venture capital fund Sequoia Capital, fostered hundreds of companies in Silicon Valley. With Newton Dmitri Simonenko first met when he worked on a project for a company that produces video game consoles.

In the "neighborhood" Foundation "New Technology" with an American venture capitalist Maxim Shekhovtsov sees only advantages. Bill Newton participation in the project, he estimates, is a testament to the confidence in the professionalism of both the Russian fund and startup founders that have proven ability to build successful international company. Finally, and Dmitri Simonenko, and Maxim Shekhovtsov understand very well that an experienced investor in the U.S. — a valuable medium of examination, which may allow the prospective Russian project in place on the international markets. Patent arithmetic "During the existence of the company, according to my estimates, we spent about 800 thousand dollars for patent protection", — says Dmitry Simonenko, adding that the patents — matter very thin. They both are very much needed, and very dangerous. After all, the patent should be fixed only what can be proved and confirmed in a real device.

Otherwise the patent or that the idea is impossible in any case. On the contrary, they should be kept as the apple of an eye from time to time. — It is necessary to patent what you can demonstrate — explains the head InnaLabs. — But, ideally, should not reveal all the secrets. It is best to register patents, so that without the legal owner of those who try to do the same thing, nothing happened. But there is also another way: you do something patented, and you were besieged on all sides by other patents — and you can not do anything! One of the ways that can elect Image etatel — all related to patent the invention ideas. However, this seemingly win-win situation is fraught with huge financial costs. Constantly having to spend money on another round of "spiral" — patent again and again, says Symonenko. "In addition to patent the invention and register in each country — like an entrepreneur.

— And this is again money, money, money … In the middle of one of the world patent takes about one hundred thousand dollars. But it is also necessary to maintain. " In addition, each making a decision about a "patent Marathon" should be aware: in knowledge-intensive industries from the idea to its realization takes a long time. "Often at the start you do not know, the idea of going to work or not, — says Dmitry Symonenko. — But the patent — you have to. Although it is often much of the work on patenting is redundant. " Another important condition for the success of a startup, according Symonenko — expertise during the preparation of the project investment. It is one thing — investing in online projects (today people versed in online, already), and quite another — to invest in the project, which produces high-tech gadgetry. Here the necessary expertise is not easy to find. However, and this problem is, as experience shows, is completely solved.

"First of all, we have provided investors with a series of expert advice from manufacturers Russian gyroscopes experienced by our instruments — says the founder InnaLabs. — In addition, we had to enter into foreign companies. But before receiving the investment professionals of the Criminal Code "Alliance ROSNO Asset Management" used the services of a reputable law firms, which, in turn, attracted by patent examiners. Those carefully studied, appreciated by our patents and design of devices, and then concluded that, as far as our patents protect the project.

And that's what's important. In venture projects can not do without a certain level of mutual trust among all participants. This directly applies to the venture capitalists. To know everything about everything possible. So, we have to rely on external expertise, which should be of high quality and professional. "

Source: "Business Magazine" 29.09.2010

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