Interdimensional corridors and worm transitions

October 10, 2011 16:49

Interdimensional corridors and "worm transitions"

Talking about the nature of the interdimensional corridors started in the book "Ashes Arkaim" (published in Russian Island, 2010.) And see "interdimensional corridor Arkaim" (gaz. sixth race, № 8, 2010) has caused a flurry of reader feedback and heated debates in Internet. Despite the fact that much of the concept and definition of "interdimensional corridor" for the first time set out in fact, the denial of this phenomenon almost none. But in the course of the discussion, a tendency to confuse "interdimensional corridor" and "worm transition." Therefore there was a need to continue research on this topic and to distinguish between the corridor and the interdimensional "worm transition."

 In a previous article, we have been talking about the two interdimensional corridors — in reserve arch (Chelyabinsk region). In village Okunevo Omsk region. Now we have information about other "corridors", including — in Primorye. One of them exists in the Mount RDA, the second — on the island of Petrova in the Lazo Reserve. Both of the "corridor" in Primorye are directly related to the existence of an ancient civilization — Bohai and her mysterious death.
Define the boundaries of the interdimensional corridor for people with special abilities is not very difficult. Having psychic receptivity source of energy, they accurately determine the presence of inter-dimensional corridor.
Currently expanding number mezhprostranstvennh corridors on Earth and throughout the universe. They occur in the evolution of creatures that inhabit the universe. Is the Great Transition and empirical combining many unexplained phenomena of time.
Interdimensional corridor — Divine reality undisclosed infinite space, not limited by space and time, is the source of the Mind of God and raising intelligence creatures vast cosmos.
Let's try to simplify this rather complex definition. From the definition it is clear that an interdimensional corridor — not physical, in the classic sense, reality, and the Divine. It is created not matter, and the creatures of the Creator for the Cosmos.
Interdimensional corridor infinite, because it does not connect either the Galaxy or the physical part of the universe, and extends from one measurement to another in the endless divine sphere, connecting the past, present and future. That is why in any part of the local universe, in any world, there is contact with the higher worlds.
Continuing the analysis and simplification of the definition of "interdimensional corridor" should understand why he is the source of the Mind of God and increases intelligence creatures Space?
Unqualified Absolute pervades all space interdimensional corridor their energies. He is — infinite "connector" of cosmic and spiritual energy, the coordinator will and motivation mechanism of power. In places with Adjusters (details will be discussed in the next article), a person can get gifts renovation spirit and mind.
That's why people are drawn to the place of power, but the presence is not necessarily prolong their lives, as many people think …
People, of their own free will, while in the interdimensional corridor, has the ability to connect with the Thought Adjuster, which is a part of clean energy and the Mind of God is able to direct the ward on the Divine Path, increasing his intelligence and subtlety of perception of the world.
Allah does not use their personal power and authority throughout the grand universe in favor of his children, but through interdimensional corridors reserves the right to be present in the minds and hearts of evolutionary creatures, in coordination with the spiritual pull of the divine sphere.
While on earth, Jesus said, "If you be lifted up above the earth, will draw people to him," … in an interdimensional corridors we are aware of the attractive power of divine spiritual sphere, but do not fully understand the methods by which the Wise Father acts, using the mysterious Adjusters .
Through interdimensional corridor divine sphere is not able to fully control the external world. There are cosmic laws of causality of all events, and these laws operate independently of the will of the people. Interdimensional corridor can only affect individuals, are born in them ideals. And the whole world is governed by the earth's people and, if such person is a creative God's ideal, the life of a separate nation can change. But if a nation run by people who do not have God's ideal, then there are wars and racial hatred.
We can assume that interdimensional corridor and its mysterious activities devoted exclusively to the restructuring of the human mind. But so can not be considered. Action interdimensional corridor is much wider — it is a direct connection undisclosed Father to create world, spiritual and less spiritual.
"Astral", overcoming the distance, it is impossible to get an interdimensional corridor. For this we need to be in areas where there is an interdimensional corridor.
The difference between the corridor and the interdimensional "worm transition" is the first — the Divine Reality, and the second — a physical reality.
Back in the mid-20th century, American astrophysicist Kip Thorne, a hypothesis of the existence of a space "worm hits" or "wormholes." With their help, he thought it possible to quickly reach any point of the universe. However, no evidence of their existence were provided. But scientists do not forget this hypothesis. It is very original and seductive she looked against the problem of overcoming huge distances in space, even at the speed of light.
Energy-sources confirm that "worm transitions" — the existing reality. As in the interdimensional corridor, "worm transition" is also present Divine Absolute. But "change" is limited to the physical space, but the third dimension and can be stationary in space.
"Worm transition" as a "hole" between the universes. It can occur at any place, as there are holes in any matter. This is a physical reality. Since this is a physical reality, it should be their physical and energetic characteristics?
Unfortunately, Earthlings, such characteristics are not given, because not all of us can explain. This requires special terms which we do not possess the knowledge of the cosmos is very small.
Representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, work on the land, including the "gray", use the "worm transitions" to come to our planet.
By the time "worm transitions" there long, for several years. But they can not always be used. There are periods when the transitions are hidden and can not be detected by any astronomical instruments. People for a long time will not be able to use them. Occur in space "worm transitions" spontaneously, not by someone else's will, and as we have in the world there are "tornado."
Questions on the existence of such "transitions" are many, but the information on them is extremely limited. The rationale is simple — we do not fully explored the universe, and therefore it is difficult to explain the essence of at least one "worm transition ', and them in our local Universe — ten. It is not necessary to look for them. These "transition" is not for us. Our science is not able to create the opportunity to use them.
A Sky Observers will not be until we make such technology because they doubt our intentions. Earth is composed of the warring nations, and they are each in their own interests. If people learn to live as one of civilization, they have learned much about the cosmos and the Creator. But that will happen when people wake up and awaken the cosmic moral conception of the universal duty. Whereas humans receive spiritual information and energy of the universe.
Now there is a huge gap between the human perception of the world and the Divine. Each new generation of humans appears less and less people are able to successfully communicate with other worlds. And should be the opposite … This is all very worrying Celestial Observers. Above our heads the clouds gather, preventing see a clear radiance of the sun of eternal righteousness.
How to prevent the humans up to new worlds, without the possibility of life-giving ministry?
Without the evolution of the human mind, we are not prepared for the realities of the universe career, closed to us technology "worm hits."

Alexander and Vera Izmailovo


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