International experts urge to eat less meat


Experts believe that these measures could significantly reduce the risk of many human diseases and help prevent climate change and deforestation in South America. Tropical forests are destroyed in this continent to the educated to grow food for grazing animals and grazing cows, the meat of which is exported to Europe.

As the materials of the current WHO animal harm than the production of mineral building materials such as cement as well as plastics and metal.

The absolute world record holder in the consumption of meat products per capita — is the United States (more than a hundred pounds of meat per capita), followed by France, Germany and the UK. Young European countries have significantly lagging behind, but UN experts recommend these states do not follow the model of Western consumer society.

Environmentalists: "To live longer, eat less meat"

"The transition to a diet low in meat would have saved many people from premature death due to cardiovascular diseases and cancer."

"If all men were to eat meat no more than two or three times a week, could would save a large number of people. Only in the UK this figure would be 45,000 lives a year, "convinced the British scientists and representatives of the environmental organization Friends of the Earth (" Friends of the Earth ").

According to experts FoE, the transition to a diet low in meat would prevent the premature death of 31 thousand people from cardiac diseases, 9000 — from cancer and 5000 — from strokes.

However, experts point out that does not advocate the complete abandonment of meat, and a call for reducing its weekly intake to 210 grams, that is, up to half of sausage a day. Now the weekly meat consumption in developed countries is on average 500-700 grams of meat.

Commenting on the study FoE, a British professor, chairman of the Royal College of Physicians of London, Steve Feld said:

"Really, people do not have to give up meat, but they must use it much smaller, especially products of the so-called" processed meat. "

The same opinion is shared by one of the leaders of the World Cancer Research Fund Rachel Thompson, who has proved a direct link between the consumption of processed meats such as bacon, ham and sausage, and the dynamics of bowel cancer. "

Scientists at Harvard: "Sausage — the most dangerous meat"

Meanwhile a group of American scientists from Harvard University, analyzed the results of 20 studies that involved more than a million people from 10 countries came to the conclusion that the most popular food in all of these countries — different types of processed meats: sausages, sausage, ham, zucchini. Eat them primarily with bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As the experts, 50 grams of processed meat a day is enough to increase the risk of diabetes. Processed meat is potentially harmful to health, as it is added salt, various chemical flavorings and preservatives.

Now Belarus sausage eating more than Brezhnev

According to data posted Belarusian government newspaper "Respublika", Belarus meat consumption per capita has one of the most highest among the CIS countries. The average monthly Belarusian eats a pure 900 grams of pork, and 100 grams of beef, plus 1.7 kg of processed meat products (sausages, smoked sausages and other products), plus 300 grams of butter. Now Belarusian eats almost 2.5 times more sausage than Brezhnev.

Belarusian doctors, in turn, did not point out a connection between the consumption of meat and the growth of a number of diseases among the population.

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