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"Orang Dalam" in the literal translation from the Malay language means "people inside" or "hidden people" or even "I" in itself. " And any place name includes the word "orang", certainly applies to anything supernatural.

"Orang Bunyan" or "whistling people" — this forest spirits that can bewitch a man to knock him out of the way and happen at all lead to God knows where. All of this is difficult to verify because the mysterious creatures … invisible!

That's what tells about the mystery of the invisible Carlo Coke, a man who has lived many years in Indonesia.
In the early 1990s, I was Mr. Botha on the Indonesian island of Sumatra manage the plantation, located in the rolling hills south of Lake Toba — he writes — All houses administrative workers were lined up one row on top of a low hill. My house was the second in this series. Below the contrary — the palm trees. And below the hill sharply declined in the valley.

Because the slope was too steep, there is not no crops were planted, so that the land was overgrown with bushes and small trees. The valley itself is a thick for growing larger trees, all sorts of creeping and climbing tropical plants. On the other side of the valley slope was terraced and planted with rubber trees. As the country I was a freshman and only have learned the language, after working 8 basically sitting at home alone and was rummaging in the Indonesian dictionary. Yes we all have, in fact, no other entertainment besides satellite TV even on the weekend we went to bed early, because the work had to get up at five in the morning.

Almost from the very first days of his stay in this place, I noticed that every Wednesday evening in front of my house is a festival or a prayer meeting. No, I did not see it, but I heard the sound of metal drums that are beginning to hit at exactly half past six. This sound came to me for an hour and died down as suddenly as it had arisen.

When I asked my maid, what's going on, she just shrugged and said nothing. I decided that, apparently, it is impolite of me to — to ask about such things, and never again spoke to her about it.

And yet, the more I learned the plantation, the stronger becomes my curiosity — what kind of drums? I knew exactly what was below our house on the hillside there are no other buildings. And on the opposite slope of the valley, too, was not home. And yet, every Wednesday the sound of drums could be heard from this side, though somewhere nearby, though most of the valley!


8 end I still decided as delicately as possible, and asked about the sounds of his assistants. They just smiled and said: "These people, called Orang Bunyan." I did not want to look stupid, and I did not ask what kind of people.

But with one of the assistants I was closer than the others. Once, when there was nobody around, I asked him about the Orang Bunyan He said it was the invisible people that they like to live near the common people, and sometimes some of us, they can make friends. Sometimes, some of the guys got married to a girl from Bunyan and the number entered in their community. But as soon as that happened, the guy also became invisible to humans. By Orang Bunyan can even apply in case of need, and they will gladly help. For example, if you come in large numbers to the guests and the dishes are not enough, you can take the time with them. But here it is necessary to look at both — God forbid, if at least one plate is broken, — will be offended.

I asked his assistant why he is so sure that the drums beat these invisible, and he told me the story of how one day a couple of guys decided to find out once and for all, where the sound of sounds. In another environment, barely rattled the drums, these guys are armed with long knives and torches and went down the hill. They have gone too far, even started to climb the opposite slope of the valley, and the sounds are still heard from somewhere. When it was dark, they hurried home. And returned with nothing.

I am convinced that the Orang Bunyan exist, for I heard them sheep "- the story ends with the former manager of Sumatra.


But, apart from this story, you can find quite a few others. Local residents have long been aware of places that are home to the Orang Bunyan. boulders, marks the entrance to the invisible world, come to those who pray, bring donations and turn to the invisible with a variety of requests. Perhaps not less than similar stories in Malaysia and in other neighboring countries. Malays say that the people of invisibility live in large colonies, mimicking the structure of human society — families, clans, etc. Usually they settle deep in the woods, but happens to be can settle in the same houses as the people. For this reason, some ghost or poltergeist attributed to people Orang Bunyan.

Each of the hotels on the reserve just in case one free room for the "special guests." If the visitor very much insists it can strike to reserve a room, but then … Then, too, one should strictly follow certain rules.

Before you enter the room, it is imperative to knock, and if you got in, and you suddenly become very chilly, immediately leave quietly and ask for another room. Upon entering, immediately turn on all the lights, razdernite the curtains and let the sunlight into the room. Going to bed, put his shoes so that one was turned sole upwards — it is like a symbol of the energy of yin and yang, the balance of which should protect you. If there is no one in the room, except for you, and a double bed, do not leave empty second place — going to bed, lay down on the bed next to something of their belongings.

According to rumors, the Orang Bunyan have tremendous supernatural power and happen to help the shamans. Rumor has it that people are stealing invisible children, but they can take away and an adult.
They live much longer than people, so that if any of their remaining wish to go back to the people, it is unlikely to have a living will surprise some of his family members — there in the world of the invisible, time flows differently.

The Invisible People live in large colonies, mimicking the structure of human society. Usually they settle deep in the woods, but happens to be can settle in the same houses as mere mortals. For this reason, some ghost or poltergeist attributed to people Orang Bunyan.

The savior of the other measurements

In the south of the planet are all basically boils down to the legends and tales. Other business north, the same Iceland — a country of mysteries. Of the 300,000 population of the island 54% have no doubt that with them Mrs. VUT mysterious invisible Someone sees them, some do not, but they Icelanders — the very real neighbors for help which you can always count on.

One of those who not only believed, but saw was T.Emilsson, founder of the Communist Party of Iceland. In his autobiography, he says, as early as age 14, he was saved by a young girl of … another dimension. And it was so. They sent the boy to drive the sheep from the far pasture, and he reached there in a crevice to get the fallen lamb.

Lamb, then pulled out, but he is hopelessly stuck in a crevice. What to do? If a guy and go seek, then perhaps that morning. In short, he has resigned himself to the fact that you have to spend the night in the dark and terrible cold. And then suddenly over the edge of the cliff there was a girl's face. And soon he Emilsson miraculously appeared at the top, in complete safety.

— Where are you from? — He asked in surprise savior.
From the farm Litenshtammer, she said, and gestured at a typical Icelandic house, which stood a few hundred meters away.
— But … But I go on these mountains all my life, 'muttered Emilsson — and this farm had never seen before!

And so you could not see her, laughed-savior. — I'm the one you call "hidden people." We are from another world, a parallel to yours.
And while the young Emilsson stared at her, unable to find the right words from the farm came a man's voice: "Catherine!"
— I have to go — caught it and raced up the hill.
— I can see you again? — The guy shouted after her.
— Maybe …
But the meeting was not to be, to take place. Although Emilsson came to these places before the end of his days (and he died in 1986), nor any farm girl he never saw it …


It has long been collecting these stories Magnus Skarfedinsson of Reykjavik. For 23 years it has found more than 700 witnesses, of which 200 are assured that even talked to "hide" and a further 40 were able to establish friendly relations with these "weird" (in the literal sense of the word!) Creatures. J that is curious about these miracles do not tell any ancient old lady, full of remnants: 99.9% of the population of Iceland-literate people, 82% — "computerized".

Magnus himself never "hidden" is not seen. But talk to them he had the chance, and not once. It collects information about what they do and where they live. Even the card is. The main thing is that it takes a long time — why some people see the "hidden", others — not. And how did interact with parallel worlds?

"Hidden" explained that can be moved between the worlds of our own and only under certain circumstances — usually when one of us needs help urgently.

— They look just like us, — says Magnus — just wear old-fashioned clothes, tools, they too old. These are people from other dimensions. And about 75% of all our encounters with unusual creatures account for "hidden."


One of the most amazing stories told Torlakur Steffansson. Once he got lost in the woods and terribly cold. When quite going all out, suddenly saw the light through the trees and headed in the wrong direction. It turns out there is worth farmhouse. Torlakur knocked on the door, and it was admitted. Asked the name of the farm, and he replied that it Heggstatir. He was surprised — never on a farm not heard. Maybe he has wandered off somewhere outside his native Skagfordyura?

— No — replied farmers — are you still in Skagfordyure, but we are of those who are called "hidden". We are always there, but you do not always see us.

Torlakur, understandably, worried — as well as it will forever remain in the other world? But nothing happened. Viator fed, dried his clothes were left overnight and the next morning the sky was cleared, and through the window he could see the farm where there is: it turned out, not so far away from home in Skagfordyure! After breakfast, he hit the road, occasionally looking back to wave goodbye but remember the place where it is sheltered farm. After going three hundred meters, looked again, but the house … gone!

Torlakur not believe my eyes. He decided to go back and go back to the farm on their own tracks in the snow. Imagine his surprise when his footprints suddenly broke off, and the farm has not appeared! For the rest of his life Torlakur never saw that house again …


About the unusual good-neighborliness visible and invisible people tell December 11, 2006 Site UFO Digest, and even earlier — the magazine Fortean Times and the Russian newspaper "The world through the mirror." And whatever it was at the heart of the phenomenon of "hidden" people — the human imagination or metaphysics, one thing is certain: people only benefit from this neighborhood: the "hidden" gave them food when it's hungry, and it helped them not to lose hope in the grave moments of despair. So how do you not love them? After all, this is a friendship that is worth a lot. Good is good to pay. And this is an example of how we can get along even with those who live not so, as you …

But who are they — being in the flesh, or disembodied spirits?

At this point there are different versions. On one of them, they are like us, but live in another dimension. On the other hand, they are the spirits that we do not need to see or they will expel from the community in which they reside. A third version — these are the beings we perceive as alien or aliens, but they only pretend to be the inhabitants of other planets and even galaxies. To someone they are kind to someone — not really. Seeing the invisible is not given to everyone — it needs to believe in their existence.

Vladimir Grishchenkov

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