Israel has put up a fake ex-Prime Minister Sharon in coma

A life-size dummy of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon will be on display at the gallery in Tel Aviv, said "Bi-Bi-Si".

Installation by Israeli artist Noam Braslavsky is a figure of Sharon lying comatose in a hospital bed. Dummy, which keeps the external similarity is connected to a respirator, and you can see how it "breathes".

Curators of the exhibition said that the installation symbolizes "inertnasts Israeli politics."

82-year-old Sharon was one of the most Influential Israeli leaders. In 2006 as a result of a stroke he fell into a coma, in which the remains today.

The sculpture will be put on display in a dark room at the Kishon Gallery on Thursday.

Dummy Sharon will be in a dark room, he is dressed in his pajamas and connected to a respirator. His eyes were open and his chest rise and fall is heard when the figure takes a breath and exhale.

By Braslavsky, installation "makes the viewer emotionally empathize with what they see."

"I chose Sharon because he is a kind of naked nerves of Israeli society, which cause the whole spectrum of emotions with regard to what is today Israel," — says the author.

"Sharon's body that breathes and a heart that beats — an allegory of the Israeli body politic, being dependent and meditative, motionless, inert, with open eyes that can not see anything," — said the exhibition curator Joshua Simon.

Ariel Sharon became prime minister in 2001, promising to do for Israel "security and true peace."

He supported the construction of Jewish settlements in the occupied territories. He also holds the idea of building the separation barrier in the West Bank.

However, despite the objections of many Israelis, he insisted on the evacuation of Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip and four settlements in the closure of the West Bank.

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