Issues of training, support and conduct exercises Slavic Commonwealth — 2012 participants discerned the main planning conference in Nikolaev

On the basis of the 79th separate airmobile brigade of the Army Command, the Ukrainian Armed Forces, stationed in Nikolaev, over the main conference Planning Ukrainian Belarusian-Russian battalion tactical exercises "Slavic Commonwealth — 2012". The event was headed by deputy Chief of Staff of the Airborne Troops Command of Land Forces of Ukraine, Colonel Konstantin Shevchenko.

The Belarusian side was represented by deputy chief Department — chief operational management of the Command of the Armed Forces Special Operations Forces of the Republic of Belarus Colonel Alexander shards Russian — deputy chief Department Head of the Combat Training Land Forces Russian Federation Colonel Sergei Pimenkov.

The participants discussed and agreed on issues related to the preparation, maintenance and conduct of future training. The theme of today's maneuvers will perform peacekeeping tasks as part of a joint battalion in the conflict zone. Academic issues have been agreed, the timing and order of events, the draft plan doctrine and capabilities that are attracted to it. Online training will perceive the role of one company from each country. Ukraine will be airmobile company of the 79th separate airmobile brigade of Nikolaev.

In the words deputy chief Airborne Forces Command Staff Land Forces of Ukraine, Colonel Konstantin Shevchenko, at the conference on Shirokolanovskom range reconnaissance of the area was conducted training facilities and training facilities.

According to the officer, the main purpose of teaching will be exchange of experiences between the Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian soldiers during the execution of the tasks of the peacekeeping operation in the conflict zone.

— Commanders will be able to improve the ability to control their units and personnel — to gain practical experience in peacekeeping missions in conflict areas — said Colonel Konstantin Shevchenko.

As planned, the training "Slavic Commonwealth — 2012" will be held in July this year.

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