IT-park Zhigulevskaya Valley: the implementation begins

In the Samara region began the construction of IT-park "Zhigulevskaya Valley". Already in 2012, the IT-park residents will work in three main areas: automotive, petrochemical and aerospace. Through the use of core IT-park — Data-center — "Zhigulevskaya Valley" will be able to provide services to industrial design and engineering is not only present in the region, "AvtoVAZ" and Renault, but also to other major producers.

The decision to build in Togliatti technological park in the area of high technology has been approved by the Government of the Samara region in May 2010. Creating IT-Park is one of the main stages of implementation of the "comprehensive investment plan to modernize Togliatti." According to the Director of Technical Inspection Agency of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and highways Cheap Andrew, the construction of "Zhigulevskaya Valley" will contribute to the development of Togliatti, as the main goal of the project — diversification of production in mono.   The project to create "Zhigulevskaya Valley" has to be implemented in 2010-2014. The estimated cost of the IT-park is about 4 billion rubles. According to the project "Zhigulevskaya Valley" will be built for licensing and certification centers, convention center, call-center, contact center outsourcing, training and office centers, parking lots, etc.

However, the core of IT-park will be Data-Center (data center). "The planned capacity of Data-Center — 10 teraflops — said Head of Public Relations and Communications, Ministry of Transport, Communications and highways of the Samara region, Sergei Chukin. — One teraflop — the value that reflects the fact that the system can perform one trillion operations per second. Thus, this structure will make calculations on the highest level. According to the draft of the Data-center will be laid fiber in Samara, Sizran, Novokuybyshevsk Chapaevsk Oktjabrsk. Thus, the enterprises located in other cities, will be able to use the power of Data-center. On capacity Data-Center "Zhigulevskaya Valley" will be the most advanced positions in Russia. "

Completion date of the project — 2014

However, in order to achieve the most rapid economic effect of completion of construction of all infrastructure facilities Technopark authorities have identified the region of the end of 2012. "Currently, preparatory works, — says Andrey deals. — The first phase will be announced utilities (heat, water, electricity). Also included in the first phase of the construction of an office center, a complex of laboratories and buildings to provide physical infrastructure, Data-center. It is planned that by July there will be mounted boxes the first buildings. Despite the winter, the work will not stop. Work will be carried out in a very intense pace, until the day and night mode at a temperature above zero. The completion of this stage is scheduled for October-November 2011. By the end of the year is already possible entry of the first organizations. "

"In the fourth quarter of 2012, the park will already be populated by residents — adds Chukin. — This problem is posed by the Russian government during the recent visit of First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. He personally inspected the site chosen for the construction of industrial park, and expressed the hope that the ideas contained in the project, quickly put into action "

Thus, by the end of 2012, IT-park will create software in the field of strategic information technology, introduce modern information technology in the aerospace and petrochemical industries, car and engine, train technical specialists in the field of natural sciences. Involved in these processes will be about 10 thousand people.

It should be noted that, in general, the project "Zhigulevskaya Valley" along with the creation of special economic zones and other parks in the Samara region to help diversify the region's economy, create jobs and increase tax revenue.

The main residents' Zhigulevskaya Valley "

"SAP CIS" SNTK. Kuznetsova TsSKB "Progress" of "Aviacor — Aviation Plant" JSC "Aviaagregat" Company "Exclusive Solutions" Company "Vebzavod" JSC "Open Technologies 98" of "Russian Space Systems" LLC "Automatic control" LLC "Vi-Tel" TSU SSAU SamGTU PSUTI of "smarts" of OJSC "MegaFon" Company "AIST"

Source: Ministry of Transport, Communications and highways Samara region

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