Jesus is the greatest in Poland


On the giant artificial hill on the outskirts of Svyabodina that Lubuskie Province, has seen a huge head sculpture. Jesus image features are specially made so that the shape is clearly seen from the ground. The sculpture itself will be the height of 33 meters — one meter for every year of Christ's earthly life. Width outstretched hands — 24 meters. Head sculpture vyanchatsme three-meter crown, covered with a thin layer of pure gold.

The hill on which to build a huge monument also has a symbolic significance, as it consists of five circles that represent the five continents of the Earth.

The idea of putting a statue appeared three years ago, it belongs to the local parish church of Christ the King. Construction is underway for the money collected by the faithful. Parishioners say their goal — not to compete with Rio de Janeiro, and the desire possible stronger glorify the name of Jesus Christ, the savior of mankind.

The city government also supports this idea, stating that the sculpture would make the city known not only in Poland but also in globally. Satisfied and representatives of the local tourism industry, as well as owners of hotels and restaurants that offers a much larger influx of tourists and pilgrims.

According to experts, the construction could be completed as early as This year,. Meanwhile in Warsaw, completed construction of the huge temple of Divine Providence, which a few years ago while driving in Poland, the Conservatives tried to allocate substantial funds from the state budget. However, after a wave of criticism from the first left-wing forces could not do that.

According to last year's case studies, the Catholics call themselves about 95% of the citizens of Poland.

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