Kastusyou offers nationalize Beltransgaz

Presidential candidate The BPF Kastusyou Gregory spoke of the need nationalization "Beltransgaz".

Half of the shares of "Beltransgaz" now belongs to Belarus and the other half is owned by the Russian "Gazprom".

"The part of the economy, which has been given to Moscow in exchange for political support of the current regime in defiance of the national interest, will be returned to the people of Belarus. This primarily As for the shares of "Beltransgaz", the transmission of which threatens Russia's economic prospects in Belarus ", — said in a statement Gregory Kastusiou.

By G. Kastusiou, "corporatization and transfer the ownership of the Russians" Beltransgaz "was a step necessary for the survival of the Belarusian authoritarianism, but unfavorable to the economic interests of the majority of citizens."

"Alternatives to the nationalization of" Beltransgaz "no. This is a necessary condition for the preservation of our economic and political independence," said Gregory Kastusyou.

In this case, the candidate of the BPF said that the nationalization of strategic for Belarus enterprises do not affect the interests of any bona fide investor, including private enterprises with Russian capital.

"Nationalisation should be subject to those businesses that depend on the existence of financial and economic security and stability of our state. Clear position on the BPF in the future, the new government should be free to block the path of Belarus to participate in the privatization activities of organizations that either directly or through intermediaries controlled by Governments neighboring countries, or connected with the activities of criminal gangs and illegal political regimes, "the statement said.

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