Kibervayna of all against all

Society these days do not envy the webmaster of Liberty, who daily have to moderate the discussion on our website.


Contenders in the presidential candidates — still about fifteen or something like that, but when you consider the applicant with the name of the People's Boycott, then even more. Because Freedom is firmly decided to retain its position as the most democratic and at the same time the most correct Belarusian Interactive resource to our webmaster need to read daily situation reports from a dozen different fronts (well, perhaps the fronts on which these are carried out combat operations, a little less) to orient, where someone who has what, and to our website to display this fight as much as possible in a more comprehensive, correct and balanced. And to save even the most mental balance …


Yet the advantage of the 2006 campaign with Milinkevich as "single" was that all thrashed to one side, and everything was more or less clear. And now all mixed up — lukashistov pickets and pickets nationalists Nikandrova tits boobs and a hint of Diaghilev, the boycott Pozniak and cat Neklyaeva, Berezovsky's money and money Potocki …


We begin, however, with a fight, and with a posting on the benefits of a banal morning ruhanki for atlustselaga people:


Inna, Minsk: "Belarusians are thick because they do not engage in physical exercise. So we decided not to move a lot and that's it. Just who work so where you have to move to the village / country house work, fats steal. Way, even banal morning ruhanka — just wave hands and sit down once or twice and go one stop on foot — a good effect! "


But now things are less important, that is about politics.


Sunny, Civita Solis: People who can not go to the area for the priests and the priest Gapon gaponchykami with pseudo. Zavedut to a standstill, as the plant was Milinkevich. Then, at best, calling to go home (as they already do). Here's the leader of the nation returns Zenon Pozniak, then you need to go to the square. But all this can be done only after conducting a nationwide boycott of the pseudo.


pcholkin, Vitebsk: Well, what got these CCP-ke! These vessels in itself! They have already cause the same emotion as the bow! Christians, and violate the 1st Commandment! But in the last election voted for Pozniak (((


Mikola, Mensk: Thank you, a leader of about 15 years calls for a boycott. Lukashenko thank him so far and is in the power, and the opposition is practical voluntarily all branches of government in his paws and gave. From the fact that you'll be sitting at home, the situation has not changed. The only thing that Lukashenko is afraid of actually — it's the people. And while we sit at home, he can sleep better. Recall at least the year 2006, while there were protests, he slept a week wok. Then came out to give interviews ogromennye with bags under his eyes. This week aged 10 years.


In drama, Clio: NOT vyyzde and now people naduryts this theatrical pseudo-BNF. All for Uncle Zeno and the present National Front for the disastrous electoral boycott the show!


Theatre fans: All lined up — and on the couch, organize people's boycott. It's such a hard, selfless struggle — sit handles and do nothing. Well, except that paplyavuzgats forums let Sabekov. Or leave to emigrate following St.. Zeno. Each emitgravavshy KHPshnik — this is another step in the liberation of the motherland. Long live Belarus!


Tolka balbatavats!: well identified by the falsification of the boycott, well, revealed a five-fold discrepancy — so what? where to take the papers? OSCE or The Hague? in Brooklyn? they are aware of the AHL he said that the last elections were rigged by at least 15%. boycott the run reveal? so to prove something to yourself? or prove to someone else? everything is so everyone knows. Well maybe not in full down the course. I see no reason in this action. , In such cases it is easier to score at all. or paint the walls yellow. important will be the same. simulator lead burlivay kipuchay deynastsi and geraichnaga race called the boycott … your


Today, a bottle of Czech beer we give Internet users with the nickname of "Nicholas", who at one point to explain the link between freedom and toilets …


Nikolay: A naive person you are: think there are countries where you can here so just go and start to criticize the authorities without any consequences of anything? The hierarchy in the workplace is created, run each knew their place. And if you think that with the coming to power of Neklyaeva or Kuklyaeva you can not knock a leg to open the door to the principal's office or to dance with gopaka b-h-b flag on some Nissan Dining Room or Ford, then I can assure you: you for sheer disappointment … Criticize those who pay the network you do not need anywhere else. Do you want to criticize — the work itself. Hand giving often have to lysates, in a figurative sense, of course, and well, if a hand. Freedom, you know, if — a very expensive … And do not we all have the strength and brain to achieve it. Someone will have to scrub the toilets, and dub-quietly do.


…and in the other — the connection between the contract and the free market system:


Nikolay: With the contract system (CS) is not so simple. Of course, in theory, KS — very pro-market and pro-business introduction, since allows the business to quickly expand and collapse as quickly projects are not particularly strained over the social sphere. However, the contract is revised only after their expiration, then lay on Martha if the contract until November is not so simple. The second important point — KS can be pro-market only if there is a large real unemployment rate — 7 percent as a minimum. Then there is a large pool of ready to hire rabsily naturally agreed to work on the cheap (because unemployment is high, and valued place in the market of social benefits is very small), slave labor, which can be easily hired and is also easy to drive. But this is the second statement is consistent with the few universal employment, as far as I know, in many state institutions prohibit

fire people. If the COP would be really pro-market introduction, our prommonstry long been kicked out would be 80% of its employees. So with the COP in my opinion there was still a rather absurd situation. The essence of the COP rather control, rather than creating a truly mobile and liquid labor market where any employee — just a depersonalized disenfranchised goods.


In this last posting we did not cut, but — yourself admit — it sounds solid. So give the beer without hesitation. Even sometimes give a Nobel Prize for the texts, which most do not vrubaetstsa. Vrubitstsa tried once in a novel by Samuel Beckett? Well, see for yourself … But he was given the Nobel in 1969.

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