Land will cover the perfect storm

Persistent reports of cyber attacks, which from time to time appear in the press, have become commonplace. However, recent calculations of experts look scary. If hackers unite and inflict more coordinated cyber attacks against major computer systems, the world could plunge into "a full-scale global shock", the report says the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which was made public today.

As they say the British media, was in possession of the document, one or two simultaneous cyber attack during a natural disaster or during a terrorist threat can cause the so-called perfect storm (when several destructive forces converge in one point). To prevent such a scenario, it is necessary to develop a reliable system for cyber security experts warn.

Even if we exclude the possibility of multiple, simultaneous attacks, challenges the international community enough. In its report, OECD staff said that would prove fatal especially powerful solar flare. Activity light can knock satellites, leading to the collapse of the system of life support.

According to experts, the powerful solar flares expected in 2012 — 2013 years. On their way, even the experts have warned NASA. According to them, the star of the storm will generate a huge level of radiation, and this is certainly reflected in the magnetic background of the Earth. Around the world, there will be disruptions in electricity supply. They will take from several hours to several months. It threatens to collapse this to the modern man: no radio, stop trains, planes and so on.

Another risk could be up to date has not identified a global technical flaws Internet. If in a short time will not be able to cope with them, it can also lead to global chaos, experts noted the OECD.

Recall particularly powerful series of cyber attacks was made in December 2010. Hackers calling themselves "anonymous users" staged "Operation" Payback. "Under attack sites of international payment systems MasterCard, PayPal December 8, after they have ceased to serve the controversial site WikiLeaks. Finally eropeytsy and Americans had almost lost the Christmas shopping.

There have also been brought down online resources the U.S. State Department, the Government of Sweden, the former candidate for U.S. vice presidential Sarah Palin, the General Prosecutor's Office and Police Headquarters Netherlands. All of these agencies, as well as personally Palin had to do with the history of WikiLeaks.


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