Lawyer Sidorenko 6 months asking because Bashura already arrested


In the Soviet court in Minsk passed the debate on the case of an activist of "Tell the truth" Michael Bashura.

6 months, the prosecutor demanded the arrest Galina Kornev Bashura for Michael, an activist of the campaign "Tell the Truth", who is on trial for repeated fraud statement of earnings. According to the prosecutor, wine activist in court was fully established, but the fact that he pleaded not guilty and says inadvertent errors in computation, Galina treated as root "an attempt to avoid responsibility." "It is incredible that the salary of 87,000 rubles a month, 686,000 people have and that it was a mistake and not a deliberate misrepresentation," — said the prosecutor.

Lawyer Tamara Sidorenko asked the court to acquit Michael Bashura because he believes that his guilt was not proven. The lawyer referred to the testimony of a witness Irina Shitik, employee of the 514 th branch of BBK. According to the witness, if Michael Bashura have to help even zero earnings, the credit for the construction of social housing his family all the same have received since the total income of the other five guarantors was sufficient to cover the interest on the loan. Also, a lawyer Sidorenko was pushing that Bashura actually been detained in violation of the law — as learned counsel grounds to arrest activist originally was not, as he inkryminavavsya article without providing pre-trial detention in custody. Later, in hindsight, the investigators combined the two criminal cases against Bashura and it still fell short of his arrest on August 6. Lawyer also believes that Michael Bashura should not arrest, given his personality:

Tamara Sidorenko.

"If we assume that Bashura did what he is accused of, the 6-month period of detention does not take into account all the features of his personality. In addition to the arrest, according to this article, there are other penalties. For example, fine. Bashurov never prosecuted or criminally or administratively. In addition, more weight Mitigating circumstances. I think 6 months of arrest because the prosecutor is asking that Bashura been arrested — to somehow justify the arrest. "

It is possible that the point in the the trial Michael Bashurov, who is on trial since last Monday, put tomorrow, October 19. On the 15th hour of the day is scheduled hearing, which begins the last word of the accused. When you hear the sentence, however, predict, no one shall be taken, given the way the meeting was going slowly today. Judge Cyril Poluleh, who is in charge of Michael Bashura, today announced several times longer break, after which the court has started with a delay.


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