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Porch alma mater

The site appeared Radio Liberty shooting: Grodno student in a wheelchair with great difficulty to raise their hands on the fourth floor of the University of Yanka Kupala exam. And lo and behold! How soon porch alma mater has changed: it made the entry for wheelchairs, handrails. Indeed, how is this: universities, which states on cooperation with European universities, not draws attention on some of its own students! However, the porch was just a part of the "iceberg", the external, the most difficult, the building has no elevator. Well, but the outside was better.

October — a time when the university lecture invitees, today from the Vilnius Pedagogical University, for example. Still say that the planned performance with a lecture to the students of the Lukashenko. Such events nyaredka delayed, but some sites have reported that employees were warned in advance about the security measures. Moreover, representatives of the Presidential Administration met with the management staff. One participant told us that there were about two hundred.

The most interesting was the distribution of the questionnaire, an employee admitted. It was necessary answer, how do you assess the political and economic situation of the Republic of Belarus and so on. However, the audience was warned that a line forms printed with the error: "December 19 will be held in Belarus pryzydentskiya election?" Like, a question mark appeared by chance, but wondered specifically — will come to the polls who filled out a questionnaire? It was also printed 17 names, registered at the beginning of the CEC to gather signatures. Question: Which of these people you ready to vote?

Profile, of course, was anonymous. But it was required to indicate your age and length of service, and have been invited to certain people — not all teachers who lecture free time, but, for example, heads of departments, divisions, and their deputies. Does that count for quite candid answers in this case it would be a pragmatic simplicity.

The content of the alma mater

So far, however, the most memorable lecture in October "in Yankah" as the university calls its young people, has become a lecture for the students read by Krzysztof Zanussi. As I said, one of the teachers, Presentation slavutamu director mantle doctor honoris causa and his performance was a surprise to most in the university. Rada gathered voted, and soon came to himself.

Chamuel Krzysztof Zanussi? Probably because he's very open to contacts and collaborates with many universities and in Russian is able, by the way. Oh, and a lecture on the importance of this case is the alma mater. Local press reported that "in Yankah" he said, "The University of liberating thought, and gave people a chance for a creative, free-thinking. Without this, there would be no Europe and our European civilization."

Because of Grodno University wants to expand contacts with European, he needs people because of our "iron curtain" as K.Zanusi. Universities, for example, has long involved in the "Baltic University" among the primary objectives — the problem of "sustainable development and democratic change in the region through the implementation of educational initiatives." Much has been done in this respect in Grodno? Who is responsible?

Their views Krzysztof Zanussi has never hidden. Here is one of his sayings: "In principle, of course, the intellectuals should actively respond to current political events and a fortiori go to the barricades. A characteristic feature of the intelligentsia is that it responds to ethical questions. Its sphere of activity — a moral one. For example, the Polish intelligentsia joined the protest movement against communism, not for economic reasons: it was a rebellion against the thoroughly false ideology. "Is that some neighbors Poles this ideology is still held in high esteem. Incidentally, K.Zanusi spoken out in support of Belarusians which — for democratic reforms.

So wait in Grodno alma mater of the capital of the lecturer?

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