Legends: Skull soared, pupa — conspiracy …

This true on-like tale, the story began a thousand years and is still not over.

"Devilish skull"

In the twilight of his reign, Catherine the Great had deprived their royal decree property rights of the noble son Alexey Kruglov, and most of it has determined for the Yellow House "stories, goryachennye nasty and false god." Prior to this, dropped out of Tabor Kruglov repeatedly subjected inquiries, his testimony was recorded, with the Empress. them carefully, and its verdict was: "The rougher the lie, the faster it will find its way to the heart."

To actually prove his innocence, brought round to the monarch's throne, the epitome of the man-made skull, which was the sole cause of all his misfortunes. This gimmick done at the court created a furor. Here is what the witness said, "have abandoned the casket lid. Inside boxwood zatlel as coal. Jar engaged. Skull soared over the casket. Transparency made it extraordinary. We contemplate the picture of hell, where people like to have, but not as we do. Overly-headed, poloroty, and all of them like a creepy creatures and insects negligible. A city well, glittering jewels, floating in the air. Each hole eyed skull us your world is. Wonderful World. Skull, calmer, cool. Sealed we in the chest, not to remember more. "

Catherine returned 11 Kruglov their favor and, of course, asked where, when and under what circumstances he got the artifact.

Terrible discovery and legend

According to Alexey Kruglov oath "demonic skull" he found in an old abandoned farmhouse, which was driven weather. Old house, where round steal away from catastrophe, stood at the edge of a dark forest, and long enjoyed the local people a bad name. There, amid the dust and mustiness Alex found several skulls, three of them were so dilapidated that breaks down as soon as he took them in his hands, and a fourth, the one he took with Saboya in Peter, where, and used it as a press paperweights, then it was fashionable. One evening, he noted that this skull arise periodically strange reference.

Many years later, the writer Vladimir Fedorovich Odoyevski nephew Decembrist Alexander
Odoevskogo written by A. Kruglov mystical adventure novel "Kosarama." This novel was filmed shortly before the collapse of the Soviet Union, called "Dedicated".

In Russian folklore, there is a fairy tale "Vasilisa the Beautiful", which incinerates lihodeek skull. I'd venture that most found the round skull, referred to in this tale. But briefly, and its plot.

Russian Cinderella — Vasilisa

One merchant was an only child, Vasilisa the Beautiful. When she was eight, her mother died. Dying mother encouraged her daughter to her, pulled out from under the blanket doll and said, "Listen, Vasilissa, remember and fulfill my last word. I die and with parental blessing, I leave here this doll, wear it always with you and no one ever show, and when come upon what sorrow, let her eat and ask her advice. encroach it and tell how to help sufferers. " Then she kissed her daughter and mother died.
After the merchant married a widow with two daughters, Vasilisa the same age. Stepmother stepdaughter daughters disliked and started making her do all the housework. Vasilisa had heavily used, but helped her doll, which not only served for her most of the work, but also supported her morally. But she and Basil used to not finish eating and leave the doll's tidbit.

Although Vasilisa stepmother and her daughters did not do around the house, and sat on their hands, they lose weight and durneli anger: women are often in the nervous system the metabolism.
Once the merchant permanently left home on business. The stepmother then moved to another house, near a thick forest, where she was in the hut, Baba Yaga and ate people like chickens.

One autumn evening stepmother landed girls for needlework. Extinguished the fire in the house, leaving only the candle where working girls, she went to bed. One Machekhin daughters, on the orders of the mother, as if by accident, put out the candle. Well Machekhin daughters and escorted Vasilisa the fire to Baba Yaga. That, of course, in tears, went to her closet, put the doll in front of a cooked dinner and told her that he was going to fire her for Baba Yaga, to certain death. Pupa ate, her eyes sparkled like candles. "Do not fear, Vasilissa — she said. — Do not you will become of me, Baba Yaga". Vasilisa put doll in his pocket and went to the dense forest.

It was a long time: the night, morning, day. On the way was a strange meeting. Only at dusk Ba 'Silis came to the clearing where there was a hut of Baba Yaga: a fence around the house of bones in a human, the human skull sticking fence, instead of doors at the gate legs human, instead of constipation hand, instead of a lock — a mouth with sharp teeth. Vasilisa was stupefied with horror and stood rooted to the spot. Night had fallen. But the darkness did not last long, all skulls on the fence eyes lit up, and the whole meadow was bright as day. Met Baba Yaga Basil told her politely that Machekhin daughter sent her the fire — "Well, — said Baba Yaga — I know them, tarry notes in advance so I Work with me, then I will give you fire, and if not, so I will eat you. "

In short, within a few days, Baba Yaga Vasilissa obviously impossible to entrust the work of such poppy which, at the Baba Yaga had full bins, grain by grain to clear the ground. All of this work in the absence of Baba Yaga, who leaves his hut on chicken legs in the morning, and returned late in the evening only served doll Vasilisa, her owner could only cook meals and serve them.
On the third day of the dinner, Baba Yaga is tied with his guest worker conversation. By the end of learning that Vasilisa given time to perform her job with the blessing of the mother, Baba Yaga came a wild rage, pulled out "the blessed daughter" out of the room and pushed it through the gate, then took off the fence skull with glowing eyes and ran it on a stick: "So much for fire Machekhin daughters, take it: because they sent you for this!" As his legs began to run out of Vasilisa this accursed place, lighting his way skull like a lantern. Well, it was slow, and only the next evening she came to Machekhin home. Talking and thinking, "I guess the fire is no longer needed, so much time has passed, now I will throw the skull …". At the same moment of the skull there was a dull voice: "Do not leave me, bring a stepmother!" First time ever met Vasilisa "rodstvennichki" friendly and explained that since then, as sleep is gone, they did not have the fire in the house: they themselves could not carve, and that brought the neighbors — he goes out as soon as it contributed to chamber. "'Perhaps, hold your fire will be!" — Said the stepmother.

Skull brought into the room, and the eyes of the skull and look at the stepmother and her daughters, and burn! They had to hide, but no matter where rush — eyes everywhere for them and watch; quite the morning burned them in a corner, one Vasilisa was not touched.

Amazingly, at the Maya in pre-colonial times there similar "ritual skull", as the narrator obscure tale "Vasilisa the Beautiful", of course, could not know.
Kept up to the above picture of the ritual, this ritual, however, with the familiar skepticism told Yu Knorozov, a Soviet scientist who was able to decipher the writings of the ancient Maya.

As it was

Pre-Columbian America, the Yucatan Peninsula, the city-state of Chichen Itza. Red sea of people worried near the step pyramid, the last area which today is very high priest administers the rite. Today is a special day. Several Indian soldiers who fed on human flesh, drive Indian spears with his hands in the direction of a pyramid, it rests, but the forces are not equal, and soon pushed him to the top of the pyramid to the priest. There comes a silence. Suddenly, the high priest and guttural shouts something like nowhere spent motion pulls out from the folds of his priestly vestments ritual skull. Second, he keeps him at arm's length. Skull begins to flicker, mouth, eye sockets skull breaks bright scorching ray hitting bound Indian. He publishes a wild cry, his body beaten convulsions. A second and a broken body convulsions, falls from the pyramid to the feet of the crowd parted.

According to scientists, the cause of death in this case — fear.
To send this ritual the Indians used skillfully made of rock crystal models of human skulls in full size. Tradition says that there were thirteen. In the New World was found four. Experiments show that the above four skull glow in the dark if they are near each other. At one time one of these skulls, "Jesuit", belonged to Ignatius Loyola, and the other "skull Rock" — writer Frank Dorlandu.

Receptacle of another soul

F. Dorland found inside the back of the "Skull of Doom", a system of prisms and channels: if the skull candle set, the skull and eye socket will light. In addition, "the skull rock" if you keep at a certain angle to the sun, then the beam will go out of his mouth skull.
It is known that if by "Jesuit" to start the fire, then hit it orbits two beams.

Yet the skull, which found round, the most mysterious. He still kept in Moscow, in the forensic collection of one of the medical schools. Here's what people said Honored Doctor of Russia, at the Center for Forensic Medicine, Professor Victor Zvyagik:

Small skull. There is a deep hole with a diameter of 20-25 mm. Skull made of a translucent crystal unknown to science. This is not a human skull, as well as the skull and primates (apes). This is probably an artifact has a skull intelligent inhabitant of another world, perhaps an alien.

In his book "The Acts and ancient wisdom" F. Dorland wrote that while the "Skull of Doom" was at it, "he sometimes changes color or twitching a soft haze of him, a strange clinking, inside a picture of mountains, temples, and once a few minutes a strange glow around him. " This allows for the lights for no reason and no reason at all "Skull of Doom" and was discovered by archaeologists.
All this is true for skull Kruglov that killed Paul I.

Sinister images

After the death of Catherine the Great, this "skull" inherited her half-mad son of Paul I. In it he saw the bloody horrors of war, and there is a piece of alien and earth, of his day. The sight is so terrified him that Paul I made an appeal to all European monarchs to resolve all conflicts are not the war, and fight like the old chivalry. This noble idea: instead of the Battle of the Nations to arrange a fight monsters, provoked laughter from all over Europe.

And "skull" showed Paul I, something bad about the Masons, for what it is unset, unexpectedly banned Freemasonry in the country, although initially he was a Mason, and they want patronized. For this Masons angry wove a conspiracy and killed the emperor.

Shortly before his death, Paul I, looking at the "skull", said: "It is strange, I see myself with one eye." His killers, brothers teeth, knocked out his eye-box.


And you want to finish this story with the following quote from another fairy tale, "How long was no evshi nor drank, Prince Ivan to the house of Baba Yaga. Sees a house of Baba Yaga, around nine poles on each of the eight bars on the skull men, only one ninth unallocated ". I remind you of crystal skulls of the Indians was thirteen, four found one gave Baba Yaga Vasilisa. And it's all meaningful coincidence, as told to Carl Jung, a psychiatrist, who introduced the concept of the archetype.
And who the nymph of a fairy tale "Vasilisa the Beautiful"? Cyborg? Who knows …

Author: I.Belostotsky
Source: "Interesting newspaper. Magic and Mysticism" № 3 2012

Category: Unexplained Phenomena

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