LewRockwell.com: U.S. assured — Russia and China do not have time to answer

LewRockwell.com: U.S. assured — Russia and China do not have time to answer

"We are dealing with the neoconservative American military, who are out of control and endanger Americans and the world" — says Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant to the Economic Policy Secretary of the Treasury in the administration of Ronald Reagan. He was commenting on the publication in the American media about the preparation of the plan of the war against China and a preemptive strike against Russia.


China is clearly aware of Washington's war preparations. And China is likely aware that the U.S. government is planning to launch a preemptive nuclear strike. "In Washington's view, no other way of war is meaningless. "Superpower" has never been able to capture Baghdad, and in Afghanistan after 11 years of war, was defeated by a few thousand lightly armed Taliban fighters. Get involved in a war with China with conventional weapons for Washington would mean the end of everything, "- the author writes.
Back in the days when China was a backward third world country, they were able to stop the U.S. forces in Korea. Today, China — the second largest economy of the world, and it is rapidly catching up flagging U.S. economy.

In fact, the Pentagon's plan — it is an occasion for the multi-billion infusion into the military sector and security services, most of which will be wasted. In this case, it is clear that China is not alone plans to win. But this "saber rattling" could lead to war. "And if Washington would be stupid enough to start a war, the only way to defeat it is to use nuclear weapons. Radiation, of course, at the same time and kill Americans, "- says Roberts.

During the Cold War, nuclear weapons were a means of protection. The idea was that the U.S. and the USSR had enough arsenal to ensure mutual assured destruction. Nuclear weapons do not give anybody an advantage in attack.

The collapse of the Soviet Union and China focusing on the development of the economy has given Washington's nuclear advantage. According to experts, the author points out, this advantage gives America the opportunity pre-emptive nuclear strike. They stated that neither China nor Russia will not be able to strike back.

Publications in the media made it clear Russia and China that the United States is planning a pre-emptive strike on both countries. In addition to completely eliminate the possibility of retaliation on the part of Russia, the U.S. is trying to place a missile defense system near the Russian border, bypassing the agreements between the United States and the Soviet Union, said Roberts.

"In view of the fact that the American press — is a corrupt tool of government propaganda, the American people have no idea that the neoconservative Washington is planning a nuclear war" — the author writes. They are also not aware of the recent announcement by former President Jimmy Carter that the U.S. is no longer a functioning democracy.

The possibility of nuclear war was founded 11 years ago, when U.S. President George W. Bush signed the "Review of the state of nuclear weapons." This document gave a start to a new arms race. Russian President Vladimir Putin immediately declared that the country is ready to allocate any amount to support the opportunity to strike back.

China has also shown that capable, shooting down its own satellite with a ballistic missile. Hiroshima Mayor said that the non-proliferation treaty is under threat due to the fact that Washington has announced the possibility of a warning strike. He said, "looks like the U.S. nuclear weapons are worshiped as a god."

Surveys conducted around the world show that Israel and the United States are considered the major threats to peace and life on Earth. "Yes, the two governments do not comply with the law, and they proudly call themselves" the greatest democracies in the world, "he writes, adding that they do not comply with any international law or human rights, neither the Geneva Conventions nor even its own laws.

No other country has no imperialist ambitions. China has captured Taiwan, although it may do so at any time. Russia does not capture the former Soviet republics such as Georgia, which provoked by Washington, began military operations, and its armed forces were immediately suppressed by the Russian army. "Putin could hang Georgian puppet of Washington and return Georgia to Russia," — the author writes.

Over the past 68 years, the majority of armed conflicts somehow provoked by Israel and the United States. However, they construct themselves as victims. And in fact Israel has illegal nuclear arsenal. That Washington has developed a plan pre-emptive nuclear strike. "All the rest of the world rightly sees irresponsible governments of these two countries as a direct threat to life on earth" — sums up the author of the article.

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