Liabedzka calls to hand over the mandate of the deputy Samoseiko

Anatoly Lebedko sent a letter to the Prosecutor General of Belarus to institute investigation into the publication in the "People's Will" interview lieutenant colonel of rigging the vote at a polling station in the 105th District in Minsk. In 2008, the year in this constituency for deputies ran Lebedko, and was declared the winner Judge Nicholas Samoseiko.

At a press conference together with the Anatoly Lebedko came a retired lieutenant colonel, a former security officer for particularly important cases of criminal investigation Nikolai Kozlov. That he committed, as in 2008 after the last day of early voting, the chairman of the precinct commission number 463 thrown in a box with a stack of ballots. Then he said this to his superiors, but check into the matter has not been assessed, it is not wound up. At the very principle of lieutenant colonel started having problems with the authorities. Now he is retired and made a revealing article in the hope that now, before the election, this fact was appreciated.

Today, in the presence of journalists leader United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko, who ran by the district, Nikolai Kozlov shook hands and signed a letter to the Prosecutor General Grigory Vasilevich:

"I appeal to the fact of publication in the newspaper" Narodnaya Volya "and insists that there was prosecutorial response and investigation. Finally, after 16 years of falsifications someone should be held accountable. I will be happy if we start with one of the polling station. Maybe this will cause the other to change their mind. "

Nikolai Kozlov fully supported the demand Anatoly Lebedko

"I see that now again begin elections, and little has changed, I do think that those same people will occupy positions in the election commissions. So it should be. This is due not only to me personally, this is true of many people, and I would like to that there was justice.'s all I can do. "

Nikolai Kozlov as a professional in investigating cases suggests that the prosecutor's conduct checks on them voiced simple facts:

I would not say that it is professional criminals, it is — ordinary people …

"I tell you, to find out in this situation to the last movement, you need quite a bit of time. Indeed, in this situation one way or another involved a lot of people. And it's not professional, I would say, the criminals, it is — ordinary people."

Nikolai Kozlov said that he feels now about the public support of his action, in including from former colleagues from the police. On some pressure from the authorities after the publication of a call yet.

Meanwhile Anatoly Lebedko said his next step in this case, the reference to the deputy Samoseiko Nicholas, who was declared the winner in the 105th District:

"Dear Mr. Samoseiko, put on the table parliamentary mandate which you have not received from voters Starovilensky district, and just stolen."

A. Lyabedzka believes that in a democratic country after such publication deputy resigned to serve until the end of the investigation.

Himself member of the House of Representatives Samoseiko Nicholas said, "Freedom", the article Colonel Nikolai Kozlov did not read and add their powers are not going to:

"This is a nonsense … It can and write."

In Belarus, the Attorney General said that no official response to the article Colonel Nikolai Kozlov they do not.

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