Lithuanians have been slow to ratify an agreement with Belarus

Residents of the 50-kilometer zone this year, probably will not be able to take advantage of the preferential regime of crossing the Belarusian-Lithuanian border, which on Oct. 20 agreed to the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Belarus and Lithuania.

The agency Regnum, October 21 at a press briefing in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, it was stated that This year, the issue in the Lithuanian Seimas, apparently, will not be discussed. None of this issue and the previous agenda of the House of Representatives.

The same agreement of Belarus at the level of Foreign Ministers also signed with Poland and Latvia. As for Poland, the parliament this country already ratified the agreement. Furthermore, the document signed by the president even Bronislaw Komorowski. But the Belarusian side has yet to ratify the agreement at the autumn session of the House of Representatives.

The documents also to the ratification of an agreement with Latvia in the House of Representatives to still have been received. Apparently, based on all of this, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, "Freedom," said, "We are the most advanced in the Polish direction."

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