Living water and flying saucers Shaubergera


Viktor Schauberger — a self-taught genius scientist — a lifetime trying to unravel the mysteries of nature. He knew how to purify water in a natural way and to use its power for the good of man — as did the ancients. And on the basis of its swirl engine was constructed first … flying saucer.

Viktor Schauberger was born in 1885 in the Austrian provinces. He was the fifth of nine children in a family of foresters and grew up a true son of the forest. At first, his father, and then he left for the day in the forest. In the oak forest around the lake Plekenshteynskogo knew every path, every bump, every bush.

In the forest, Victor has always felt a lot better than in the company of people. So when my father planned to send her son to university to study forestry, Victor refused, believing that the best teacher — the forest itself. Teachers also, he believed, it will distort an unbiased view of nature, as was the case with his brother. Victor chose the usual school and trained as a forester.


After graduation, Schauberger contributed nearly 20,000 acres of untouched forests, belonging to Prince Adolf von Schaumburg-Lippe. Schauberger immediately fell in love with the pristine beauty of the forest. Not less interested Victor water. The result of his observations was the unexpected discovery that water does not like sunlight. The forest has long existed a source, on which stood an old stone house. When the house collapsed, the source was in direct sunlight. Some time passed and spring has dried up.

But when on it erected a new hut, the water came back. Why — a mystery. Trying to find an answer, Schauberger came across in a book on the interesting fact is that even the ancient Romans knew that the water is afraid of the sun, and always covered with stone slabs sources, and water drainage tube was inserted, but so that it did not get air. The second discovery Shaubergera no less surprising: the water like a shadow. Not for nothing all the springs hidden in the dense forest or in the deep crevices of the rocks.


Schauberger was perplexed as trout and salmon can still freeze in the most turbulent flows or jump high above the water? The answer he received dozens of years of intensive observations. It turned out the whole thing in water temperature. The lower it is, the more "flying" ability of a fish. To prove his theory Schauberger decided very original. Heated up about 100 liters of water and poured it over the creek from the place where vodilas trout. Of course, warm water can dramatically change the temperature in the creek and trout still worried, has become increasingly beat fins, barely held in place until it was washed away down the passage.


Any force itself creates an equal opposing force. So it is natural to current (swirl) water produces energy directed toward the river. This energy flow and uses trout, drawn into it, as if the center of the tornado. When Schauberger figured out the nature of this phenomenon, it became clear why the large, heavy stones rising cold winter night from the bottom of the pond and circling on the surface, bobbing like buoys.

The concept is simple

About the exceptional abilities of a simple forester Europe learned by accident. Due to financial difficulties, Prince Adolf von Schaumburg-Lippe has decided to sell part of the forest in the area Shaubergera, but transportation from remote areas would eat most of the revenue. Engineers vying offer different modes of transportation, and suddenly reappeared forester with an unusual idea: raft by a mountain stream, which will reduce transportation costs. Hydrologists twisted his finger to his temple.

Wanting to prove his innocence, Schauberger built a floatable device for their money. Floatable tray stretched for 50 miles and repeat the form of a stream. From time to time forester Drain the water from the tray and let fresh from the mountain streams. More from his father, he knew that the sun the water gets tired and lazy, while at night, and especially in the moonlight it is fresh and lively. Schauberger chose the moment when the water was very cold, and filled the felled trees. For one night the whole driftwood was lowered into the valley. Delighted Prince did Shaubergera chief steward of all parcels.

And soon followed by a new purpose — Imperial advisor alloyed devices with a salary twice larger than that of specialists with higher education. In addition, it is paid in gold — a rarity at the time.


Alas, it did not help Schauberger win friends among scientists. Only known hydrologist Forchheimer once stood up for the self-taught scholar. Schauberger was a speaker at the forum to serious scientists, and when one of the professors asked to tell how regulated watercourses, forester pulled himself to the gate and shouted: "How wild boar when he pees!" There was a heavy pause. He jumped up, saving the situation, Forchheimer, and began to draw on the blackboard diagrams and formulas, incidentally explaining them. Schauberger did not understand a word, but his theory finally gained its scientific form.

In the late 1920s Schauberger began to struggle violently with continuous logging and facilities to enhance streams. He himself built the floatable device abandoned them to know that they are being used for the rampant felling of whole acres of forest! In 1929 Schauberger has filed a patent application for the control of mountain streams and rivers regulation. His suggestions were very simple. If you allow the river to flow naturally without chaining her to stone and concrete, she will lead the channel in order, free from silt. Proposals were not even considered. In 1932 Schauberger wrote an article about how to use simple devices to make that beautiful Danube river, which he once was. Authorities chose to destroy all copies of article self-taught. Schauberger did not give up. Engineers suggested that the example of the ancient hydraulics.

For example, in ancient Egypt and Crete water from the valley to safely lift up the mountain without a pump. At what expense? The ancients used natural materials for pipes, besides what they were doing anything but round! The Incas built a square covered stone channels where the water swirled in the cool darkness. Instead of answering Union of Engineers and Architects Shaubergera placed in an insane asylum — ostensibly for the survey. Fortunately, the doctor found the patient healthy and highly intelligent man.


During the war, Schauberger developed new types of drive motors for missiles. "If water or air force to move" cycloid "(spiral) under the action of high-speed vibration, this will lead to the formation of structures of power or high-quality fine matter that levitates with incredible force, dragging the body of the generator. If you modify this idea according to natural laws, you get a perfect or ideal submarine aircraft, "- he wrote.



Of course, the Nazis could not pass by such fantastic prospects. It is not known today, has created a former forester for the Nazi flying saucer, the Americans confiscated all the documentation for the experiments, and Russian blasted his apartment to cover their tracks. But the fact that a test piece struck the roof of the German factory, a fact. Preserved and pictures of unidentified flying object.

Take everything away

At the end of life status Schauberger was a frustrating experience. The authorities took away his development, destroyed drawings and diagrams. Schauberger complained: "I go back to my woods to die there in the world. All science and all its minions have just a bunch of thieves who pulled the strings like puppets and make dance to any tune. " Finally he finished off an American tycoon: Proposal for beneficial cooperation over shaped rip-off. Five days after his return from America, September 25, 1958, Schauberger died at the age of 73 years. Shortly before his death, he said bitterly: "All taken away from me! I do not even own boss! "

"Secrets and Mysteries. Steps" in December 2012


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